By Definition  by Vivian Cooper Smith, Claudia Dunes, Meighan Ellis, and Mish ONeil

By Definition

Vivian Cooper Smith, Claudia Dunes, Meighan Ellis, and Mish ONeil

21 May to 10 June 2019

By definition pulls together the work of four different artists who all react to the material world in very distinctive ways.

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Cruel Bloom

Liam Gerrard

11/06/19 to 01/07/19

Liam Gerrard’s drawings lie in continual juxtaposition; ominous and familiar, terrifying but beautiful, wild yet meticulously captured on paper. Gerrard’s ability to both entice and disturb at once has continually informed the artist’s practice.

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Thoughts of Memory

Cruz Jimenez

02/07/19 to 21/07/19

As the exhibition title suggests, Thoughts of Memory is a deeply reflective show for the artist. Abstract nostalgia from artist Cruz Jimenez’s life in both California and New Zealand is transferred to his canvases in an evocative wash of dripping golds with a more solid memory forming from time to time.

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The Works of Kevin Capon by Kevin Capon

The Works of Kevin Capon

Kevin Capon

21 May to 10 June 2019

Kevin Capons' works are ecclectic from the grotesque to sublime beauty he photographs extremes and all facets of life's gritty yet beautiful path..

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Josephine Cachemaille, Paul Hartigan, Simon Kaan, Damien Kurth, Yoshiko Nakahara, Jon Tootill, Cruz Jimenez

11/06/19 to 21/07/19

Survey is an exciting exhibition of works from our artists' archives, presenting a selection of works by Josephine Cachemaille, Simon Kaan, Damien Kurth, Yoshiko and Shintaro Nakahara, Jon Tootill and Cruz Jimenez.

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Water Cycle

Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

02/07/19 to 21/07/19

Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara work collaboratively in their practice, with Yoshiko doing the delicate and intricate ink work and Shintaro adding the beautiful blocks of flat colour. In this show the Nakaharas explore the intricacies of different forms and bodies of water.

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