Kāryn Taylor Future Philosophies 

Paperback book, 60 pages | $25

Kāryn Taylor Future Philosophies is a catalogue publication documenting the exhibition Future Philosophies - a public exhibition at the Suter Gallery, Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, New Zealand featuring the work of contemporary artist Kāryn Taylor June 18th - September 10th 2023.

The catalogue includes an introduction by curator Dr Kyla Mackenzie, and essays by art historian Edward Hanfling and curator and Director of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre, Ngāmotu, Dr Zara Stanhope.

'Kāryn Taylor uses light, colour and geometry to express the hidden workings of the universe. She questions our ideas around space, time and what we consider as tangible reality. In quantum physics it is suggested that our observation shifts energy into physical matter and that our experience of reality is determined by this interaction. Taylor plays with relationships between paint, projected light and shade, luminous colour, the viewer, and the gallery space, exploring ambiguous relationships between the immaterial and material.'

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Mickey Smith

As You Will

Hardcover book, 142 pages, $55

A mesmerising and often poignant meditation on technological obsolescence, 

small-town politics and contradictory ideas of progress’.
– Charles Walker, Professor of Architecture, AUT

In her new book, As You Will: Carnegie Libraries of the South Pacific, artist Mickey Smith documents the historic legacy of 23 Carnegie Libraries erected across the South Pacific, including 18 in Aotearoa New Zealand. These were named after the successful Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie, whose philanthropic trust established 2,509 library buildings throughout the English-speaking world between 1886 and 1917.

Featuring 47 original full-colour photographs as well as 23 historic images, and short texts by AUT Professor of Architecture, Charles Walker and Te Tuhi Artistic Director, Gabriela Salgado, this publication is a memorial to the Carnegie legacy, capturing a philanthropic project in decline


Ray Haydon Sculpture 

Paperback book, 64 pages | $40

Re-orient: recent sculpture by Ray Haydon opens with an honest, powerful portrait of the Artist in his orderly studio surrounded by the tools of his artistic efforts. Laura Howard writes “Haydon’s sphere of living and working, from his endless percolation of ideas to the constant development of his work, has been based in this northern bush-clad spot for the past few years”. 

What follows is a breathtaking collection of photographs by Sam Hartnett of Ray Haydon’s works taken both in the Gallery and at his home. Laura Howard’s supporting text traverses the breadth of ideas, forms and methods engaged by Ray Haydon in his practice.

A must for anyone who aspires to own a Ray Haydon artwork or lucky enough to say they have a Ray Haydon in their collection.

TWENTY / TWENTY: 20 Artists / 20 Writers 
Hardcover book, 178 pages |  
Released in September 2017, Sanderson's latest publication features the work of 20 artists represented by the gallery. Including sculptors, painters, installation artists and photographers, the book presents each portfolio alongside text from 20 of New Zealand’s best art writers.
Twenty Twenty

20 / 20: Twenty Artists / Twenty Writers / One New Zealand Gallery - Edited by Jane Apperley, Andy Gomez, Tamara Rakich & Kylie Sanderson

Hardcover book, 178 pages | 

This publication profiles the diverse work of 20 contemporary artists represented by the gallery, examined through the lens of 20 unique writers. Full-colour portfolios are presented alongside enlightening texts that provide insight into the practices of some of the most interesting working at the present time.

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Ray Haydon: Sculpture

Ray Haydon Sculpture - Laura Howard with Warwick Brown

Perfect-bound book, 56 pages | $20

This inaugural publication on Ray Haydon’s sculptural practice features an in-depth essay by Laura Howard and foreword by Warwick Brown.

With a striking selection of beautifully photographed sculptures, this book celebrates the diverse practice of the artist with a review of his key pieces to date, as well as his most recent explorations in carbon fibre. 

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A Painter's Poems 1961 - 2014 - Alan Pearson

116 pages with illustrations | $35

Alan Pearson is one of New Zealand's foremost Expressionist artists. His poem's, which are incidental to his art, articulate the painter's universal world view. Concerned with music, metaphysics, space and time and the rhythms of life, Pearson's poems are peppered with acute observations of humanity; like his portraits for which he is renowned.

This illustrated collection of poems dates from his first solo show in 1961 to his 2014 exhibition Past time is future time at Sanderson Contemporary.

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The Artists 2013-2015

The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art c. 2013-2015 - Edited by Jane Apperley, Tamara Darragh & Kylie Sanderson

Hardcover book, 140 pages | $39.95 

The latest edition of The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art profiles a selection of exciting artists from the gallery's offering, with essays provided by 21 of New Zealand's most interesting art minds - critics, curators and writers.

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10 Years - Sanderson Contemporary Art

Perfect-bound book with slip case, 110 pages, limited edition of 75 | $25

Marking the occasion of our 10 Year Anniversary, 10 Years reflects on Sanderson Contemporary Art's first decade in business. The stories of 10 of our artists are woven together with the history and development of the gallery and its community.

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The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art c. 2011-2013 - Arron Santry, Kylie Sanderson & Tamara Darragh

Hardcover book, 140 pages | $39.95

The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art c. 2011-2013 provides a unique insight into the richness and diversity of the New Zealand contemporary art scene as a whole, revealing the unique stories of a selection of artists represented by a single gallery.

This book is an enlightening and entertaining snapshot of the New Zealand contemporary art scene at this moment in time.

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Alan Pearson: Expressionist Portraits - Alison Pearson

Hardcover book, 392 pages | MORE COPIES BEING ORDERED

Alan Pearson has been painting himself and others since he was a young man in England, and his portraits have been collected by public art galleries in New Zealand and by private individuals throughout the world.  Because he is also a singer, a dancer, a poet and a conversationalist, and a inveterate traveller, Alan can engage easily with his subjects and the resulting works are psychologically revealing and convey a sense of place, of history and of contemporary society.

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The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art c. 2009-2011 - Kylie Sanderson, Tamara Darragh & Kim Atherfold

French fold cover book, 96 pages | $29.95

Providing in-depth information on the current practice of 21 full-time New Zealand artists, this selection includes work in sculpture, photography and painting, and presents emerging artists alongside established names.  The format is simple - images of the artists in their environs, introductory notes on their work, references for further research and a plethora of full-colour images of pieces from their current portfolios. 

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