Auckland Art Fair 2021 by Various Artists

Auckland Art Fair 2021

Various Artists

24 February to 28 February 2021

Julie Cromwell 

Julie Cromwell’s  latest body of work Form of Transition, is an enquiry into her vessels’ physical and intangible qualities. Cromwell’s inspiration draws from ancient amphorae that were used for the transportation of wine and oils. 

Julie Cromwell has been working with clay for many years, graduating from Derbyshire University with a major in Studio Ceramics, later receiving a Bachelor in Education from Leeds University. She then moved to New Zeland and has since  taught, lived and worked in Northland, continuing to develop her ceramics practice. In 2019, she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design. Cromwell was the first-prize winner of the 2019 Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards.


Simon Kaan

Simon Kaan’s work is discernible; contemplative landscapes with split horizon lines, inky washes of colour and reoccurring motifs have become synonymous with his name. 

Through his artistic career spanning 20 years, Kaan has included circular motifs, describing these as “moon gates or moonbows”. This large scale work continues the artist’s exploration of the moon, connecting the sky with land and water. He emphasises his thinking into Te Hā o te Marama, the breath of the moon. 

Born in Sawyers Bay in Dunedin in 1971, Kaan has been working for two decades now, since graduating from the Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 1993. At art school Kaan specialised in printmaking, a practice he was taught by Maori educationalist and printmaker Marilynn Webb and Barry Cleavin, a maker of etchings.


Freeman White 

This series of work for the 2021 Auckland Art Fair is a continued exploration of the landscapes of Freeman White’s childhood in Havelock North. White sees Te Mata as an integral part of his identity and inspiration, a place he continues to return to both physically and in his painting. White’s large-scale landscapes engulf the viewer, placing them in the rolling hills of Te Mata, the afternoon sun glowing golden.  This suite of paintings was completed in the artist’s Napier studio but are based off plein air studies he painted on site. 

Freeman White graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 1998 and has since had an impressive career in painting. White’s paintings have been collected widely in both public and private collections across New Zealand, Europe, USA, UAE and Australasia. Notably, the artist has works held in the New Zealand portrait gallery and the Royal Society of New Zealand. 

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