Emerging New Zealand Artists, Works $4,000 and under by Josephine Cachmaille, Kate van der Drift, Meighan Ellis, Liam Gerrard, Wanda Gillespie,  Julia Holderness, Alan Ibell,  Claudia Kogachi, Vaimaila Urale

Emerging New Zealand Artists, Works $4,000 and under

Josephine Cachmaille, Kate van der Drift, Meighan Ellis, Liam Gerrard, Wanda Gillespie, Julia Holderness, Alan Ibell, Claudia Kogachi, Vaimaila Urale

14 March to 14 May 2019

With a growing number of art buying groups and new collectors purchasing works by emerging New Zealand artists, we have curated a selection of works from Sanderson’s stable of emerging artist at $4,000 and under. 

Alan Ibell and Josephine Cachemaille have recently exhibited a suite of works in their joint 2019 exhibition ‘Old Energies’.  This successful exhibition was at the Pah Homestead and resulted in the James Wallace Trust acquiring works from both artists for their extensive and prestigious collection. 

Through his practice, Alan Ibell questions the very nature of representation. The viewer is invited to explore the ‘problems’ of the work – the fractured shadows, unconventional composition and the scale and representation of the figure. Through this, Ibell lures us in the dreamy, physiologically challenging narratives in his work and we are left to solve the hidden clues and messages he has left us. Ibell has been the recipient of many awards including; Arte Studio Ginestrelle International Artist and Writers Residency, Mount Subasio, Assisi, Italy (2015); City of Dunedin Art Awards - First Prize (2010); Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards - First Prize (2009); Derivan Art Award, Otago Polytechnic (2007)

Josephine Cachemaille is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in painting, bronze sculpture and textiles. Her exhibitions often take on the dimension of an instillation with work displayed from floor to ceiling breaking the traditional curatorial decisions. Cachemaille’s unique and evocative art has seen her awarded with many awards including; The Molly Morpeth Canaday Award - Merit Award (2017); The National Contemporary Art Award - Merit Award (2016); The Wallace Art Awards - Jury Award (2016); The Wallace Art Awards - Finalist (2016, 2014), Best Visual Arts Award, Dunedin Fringe Festival (2008)


Kate van der Drift's dreamy photography is part of her ongoing investigation of New Zealand's beautiful but fragile ecology. Often sleeping in her car, wading through water in her gumboots and balancing on her kayak , van der Drift waits for the perfect light and moment in time to capture her breathtaking photos. Kate van der Drift is at an exciting point in her career with sucess in both the Australian and New Zealand art market and was the recipient of the Stonely Award at the 2018 Melbourne art fair. 


Emerging artist Claudia Kogachi has had a whirlwind of success at this very early stage of her career. Kogachi recently won the 2019 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards and her most recent exhibition ‘Those are my f-ing shoes’ was covered by a number of publications and described by the Pantograph Punch as ‘unmissable’. With two highly coveted exhibitions at Sanderson Contemporary and numerous exhibitions across New Zealand, Kogachi has quickly made a name for herself as an exciting and refreshing artist to add to the collection. 

Dark and beautiful, Liam Gerrard’s intricate charcoal drawings have featured in a long list of publications, public exhibitions and won him several awards including the Cliftons Art Prizeand a finalist in the Adam Portraiture Awards. Gerrard’s 2018 portrait Ginwas used as Gin Wigmore’s cover for her 2018 album Ivory. Extremely intricate, Gerrard’s works range in scale and subject mixing delicate beauty with an eerie twist. 

Vaimaila Urale’s 2019 exhibition at Sanderson Anivawas covered by both Art Ache and Verve Magazine, her describing her ‘modernized Polynesian forms’ on paper as ‘not to be missed’. Urale has exhibited at many public galleries including Dowse Art Museum and most recently at ST PAUL Street gallery in the 2019 exhibitionTwo Oceans at Once.Theartist is also known for her work in art collective D.A.N.C.E art club and involvement in Whau Arts Festival. 

With a practice that focusses on textiles, Julia Holderness explores both historical and invented narratives, often critiquing the divide between historical scholarship and artistic fabrication. Through these narratives Holderness traces alternative histories of modernism in New Zealand, provoking her viewer to question how accurate histography truly is. Holderness was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship and won the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award in 2016. Holderness’s collaborative work as Fitts & Holderness has seen her participate in exhibitions and residencies both nationally and internationally.

Meighan Ellis’s photographic works are centred around her desire to collect and record beauty. Often juxtaposing portraits of men with photos of precious rocks, challenges notions of masculinity and allows room for men to be beautiful and vulnerable. The portraits are not sexualised, though they are conceived of Ellis’ compulsion in picturing men. She asks us to consider whether traditional notions of beauty might be ubiquitous. Ellis has her masters in fine arts (1stclass Hons. With distinction) and has won awards for her works across both New Zealand and Australia.

Wanda Gillespie’s created artefacts are often claimed to be tools in spiritual/religious practice. Imagined gurus and guides show a path of imagined or potential enlightenment. Wanda’s most recent works include a series of highly detailed sculptural works that reference the abacus and perhaps offer us the ability to calculate and understand on a deeper level that which is undefined.  Wanda Gillespie completed her BFA at Elam 2003 and MFA at the Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne in 2009. Her work is held in both public and private collections. Gillespie has been placed in various awards as well as winning the Victorian College of the Arts Vulcan Steel Tutorship Award in 2009 and the ARTAND Australia Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award. She has been awarded residencies at Artspace Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris residency and the Asialink residency in Indonesia
















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