Under the Moon I Planted by Cruz Jimenez

Under the Moon I Planted

Cruz Jimenez

01 October to 15 October 2017

"The formal, technical part of his process is as important as its inspiration, in an honest metonymy of light and shadow enacted with the self-reliance and laidback confidence that comes with maturity. The photography frequently layered inside his currents of pigment are derived from old negatives taken from the house he grew up in. Roses from his mother’s garden, a pet bird inherited from a family friend, and other prompts for meditations on mortality. In this way Jimenez’s theory, concept, and form all become a convergent poetics, spoken in the language of his once and future heart." Shana Nys Dambrot, 2017
An off-site project during Artweek 2017 at Allpress Gallery presenting the latest body of work from Cruz Jimenez. Please contact Sanderson Contemporary for all sales enquiries.

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