Two Gallery Abstracts by Billy Apple

Two Gallery Abstracts

Billy Apple

03 July to 21 July 2013

After over 11 years in Parnell, Sanderson Contemporary Art has relocated their main gallery to expanded premises in Newmarket’s Osborne Lane.

As the door closes on Sanderson Contemporary Art’s presence in Parnell, Billy Apple takes the last look. The final exhibition in the emptied out gallery space focuses on the gallery floor at the left rear corner, which has intrigued Apple and many others. For some reason, it has sunk!
This work continues a long trajectory in Apple’s works. Begun in the 70s using the architectural blueprint plans of the Whitney and Guggenheim, his conceptual site-specific critiques examined and highlighted the limitations of institutional spaces. They have evolved into Gallery Abstracts – meticulously measured gallery footprints presented as architecturally scaled two-dimensional works. Despite their superficial nod to painterly abstraction, these drawings or canvases manifest as detailed records of the exhibition spaces they are exhibited in. Apple’s modernist ideals of perfect space are never met — instead he delivers a conceptual product.

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