The Outer Edge Project: 'Keep Walking Past The Open Windows' by Elsbeth Hill

Keep Walking Past The Open Windows, 2013, installation view

The Outer Edge Project: 'Keep Walking Past The Open Windows'

Elsbeth Hill

16 April to 16 June 2013


Artist Statement

When I rub my eyes with the heel of my palm,

I see fizzy monochrome patterns like interference on a TV set.

The sensation is both pleasure and pain

and it's hard to stop rubbing

Even when I know it's  leaving black kohl smudges

on my hands and around my eyes.

I know it will make my wrinkles worse

but I still do it. 

Everything I like doing is bad for me






watching TV.

So I get older, no wiser, wrinklier.

When I die they'll kick down the door of my house and find me spreadeagled in a Lazy-boy chair

wearing panda eyes and a naughty scarlet lipstick smile.

It will be all over CNN,



and parodied on The Simpsons. (fingers crossed).

Voyeurism has entered our daily lives in the form of Social networking, the internet and reality television shows. We have become status obsessed, over exposed, information junkies. The global village is now a reality, built in cyber space.  The lines between voyeur and spectator are blurred as are audience and artist. 

Printmaking is as much about absence as it is representation.  The very act of making an impression or imprint relies on the removal of something. In contemporary printmaking the removal of toxic materials and techniques is proving the message is in the medium. Printmakers are innovative and inventive, embracing new media and trans disciplinary practice, without this verve the extinction of printmaking is inevitable, this is the matrix and tradition I am building my work on.

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