The Outer Edge Project: 'Draw a Line Somewhere' by Elke Finkenauer

The Outer Edge Project: 'Draw a Line Somewhere'

Elke Finkenauer

12 February to 07 April 2013


No one is solely heroic. 

This work is a reflection on the multiple facets of human nature.  I think of it as an anti-monument.  Whereas a monument commemorates heroic qualities, the anti-monument celebrates the mundane reality of the everyperson – softness, fluidity, and domesticity, brightness and darkness, solidity and frailty compressed into one whole. 

In my work I explore the language of drawing in the expanded field – in particular surface, mark/line, gesture, and process – through a variety of mediums and materials. 

In the anti-monument I have conflated drawing with soft sculpture techniques to produce a soft-drawing.  The materiality and dual facets of the work hint at 3D, yet at the same time this work exhibits characteristics of drawing. 

The work has a flat surface as a ground, and lines are created through the processes of cutting and stitching.  Whilst the form appears gestural, the work is the product of meticulous labour.  This creative process is one of encounter through fabrication.  Both repetitive and experiential it represents an interiorisation and an antidote to mediated experience.

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