The Outer Edge Project: 'RUTH' by Diane Rimmer

The Outer Edge Project: 'RUTH'

Diane Rimmer

16 October to 25 November 2012



This work takes everyday, low status, non-art objects; the venetian blind and family photos - and uses them as a vehicle to describe relationships - to each other, to their environment, and to the artist. These interactive works change the time and space contained within everyday objects.

The blinds, which obscure the images, act as a visual barrier, just as perception is filtered through memory. By the act of opening the first layer of the image you reveal another hidden underneath - or in the past. As the commonplace humble blind is familiar to us, so the experience of remembering the past is triggered for you, the viewer.

By opening the blinds, the viewer becomes a participant by discovering new views of very personal yet shared histories.

Are we blind to the past or are our perceptions filtered by the present?

You are invited to open the blind, to look through the pattern, to remember the past, to SEE BLIND.



A custom in our family over the past four generations is for the first born daughter to share the name Ruth. Although our surnames change, there are other ways to identify our connection - in our case, similar looks and our middle name.

From left to right: Florence Ruth Horne, Pamela Ruth Schollum, Diane Ruth Branch, Lauren Ruth Rimmer

Diane Rimmer has exhibited in group shows around New Zealand and had her first solo show at Lopdell House Upstairs Gallery earlier in 2012.  Having graduated from Unitec’s Bachelor of Design, she is now studying to become a secondary school teacher.  Diane also teaches children’s art classes and makes public art such as painted Utility Boxes.

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