The Outer Edge Project: 'Light and Day' by Jan Simmons

Untitled installation (detail), 2012, watercolour on paper

The Outer Edge Project: 'Light and Day'

Jan Simmons

14 June to 08 July 2012

Consisting of watercolour paintings on paper, Light and Day from Jan Simmons communicates an experience of nature through non-illustrative means.  Exploring motifs sourced from the natural environment, Simmons considers the potential for the abstract position of these images to communicate a poetic, sensual response to place and space, rather than a topographical, figurative description.

The way we engage with nature’s visual elements is determined by a somewhat fragmented yet continuous way we see and observe. Through distance and proximity, the viewer experiences nature in varying ways.

These works have then been utilised as components of an installation project that responds to the built environment. Works have been cut, torn, holes punched through, responding to existing marks left by previous occupiers of the space, the characteristics of the architecture and existing features and the adjacent areas.

The work aims to invite the viewer to respond to the subtle responses within the space, and in doing so, contemplate their own relationship to the natural/physical world.

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