Outer Edge Project: 'Pockets of Space' by Colleen Altagracia

Outer Edge Project: 'Pockets of Space'

Colleen Altagracia

08 March to 07 April 2012

John Berger wrote in his book The Shape of a Pocket that: “A pocket is formed when two or more people come together in agreement.”  Pocketed spaces are also found in clothing often felt by the wearer but are usually not visible. They are a personal space associated with an individual body of overlooked potential but which offers to be a catalyst for a vast array of possibilities and potential through the intertwining of the physical space and subjectivity associated with a pocket in terms of containment, value etc.


Pockets of Space comprises of three sculptural components exploring ideas of potentiality of such a space – a collaboration of the materials used and subject.

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