Grey City
by Junko Nagumo

A stunning etching from Elam printmaking student Junko Nagumom Grey City combines the artist's interest in the urban enviroment with the experimental potential of printmaking. Like many printmakers, Nagumo is inspired almost as much by the process of printing as the initial idea she attempts to convey. Images change during the process with the alchemy of the materials and the utilisation of various layering techniques creating a further source of inspiration. Grey City evokes a subtley sombre mood of the city reflecting Nagumo’s interest in the emotional content of the image. Engaging etching techniques (including the vertical crackulure lines creating obvious references to Japanese calligraphy) have been utilised to generate a feeling of the idefinability of form, the transience of the urban environment and the falling of solid structures into a type of watery decline.

Grey City Price: $925
Year: 2004
Media: Etching (Edition of 2)
Framed: yes
Width: 370mm
Height: 500mm

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