Fruit Bowl by Briana Jamieson

Fruit Bowl

Briana Jamieson

10 June to 07 July 2024

Sanderson are pleased to announce the solo exhibition Fruit Bowl by Briana Jamieson.

Jamieson is a painter, writer and publisher based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. The artist graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours from Massey University in 2015.

‘Jamieson’s work is largely driven by emotion. Each series is planned around an “essence”, drawn from a mix of real and imagined experiences as well as an extensive collection of photographs and poems. The planning for this forthcoming show at Sanderson took place in a patch of long golden grass, under the shade of an ancient eucalyptus – elements that will no doubt translate to the final work.’ [1]

A home of four flatmates in their early thirties; kitchen abundant with ceramics and fruit. In this series Jamieson has drawn inspiration from the objects in her Lyall Bay kitchen, and connected moments in time over the past summer and autumn.

Words from the artist:

Picnic by a lake: lemon cake and fruit. Figs on the way to the beach.

Cardamom buns while playing Cluedo at the kitchen table.

Coffee followed by a swim in the sea; strands of coloured seaweed gently floating around us.

Photos sent by a friend: looking down into the ocean; a clear, crystal blue.

Plum cake on the table in the morning sunlight.

Shelves lined with cookbooks and ceramics.

Stoneware bowls filled with fruit: plums, lemons, pears.


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[1] Wagstaff, Camilla. (2024). Look Out For – Briana Jamieson, Art Collector Magazine, (Issue 107) Pg 114-115.

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