Self Healing

Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

10/11/20 to 06/12/20

Dynamic artists Yoshiko and Shintaro Nakahara work both individually and collaboratively. Yoshiko works in black ink, delicate and detailed; it is a labour intensive and meticulous process. In contrast, Shintaro opts for vivid, graphic forms in vibrant colours. When collaborating, they complement and contrast one another, creating a undetermined dialogue within the work which they have described as the “third artist”...

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Damien Kurth

13/10/20 to 08/11/20

Damien Kurth’s practice explores the over-looked and understated beauty of the common place and largely unremarkable household items that reside in his studio.

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Still Life

Stephen Ellis

15/09/20 to 11/10/20

The Still Life images refer to the iconography of war movies, war comics and war reportage; at the same time the diminution of scale and the use of toy soldiers and kitchen containers, speaks to the invasion of safe spaces and the impact of war service on home and family. The title of the suite refers to the domestic scale and to the quotidian objects used in the dioramas.

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Viewing Room

Various Artists

11/08/20 to 13/09/20

Our viewing room showcases an exciting exhibition of both new and archived works from our stable of artists.

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Love In The Time 2020

Teresa HR Lane

14/07/20 to 09/08/20

Imagine you could rearrange the world. All the stories that come flooding through our screens and across our coffee tables, telling us what the world looks like – you could reconstruct them; take all the images that propose to show us who, where, and what we are, and create a new, more familiar mythology.

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Viewing Room

Various Artists

16/06/20 to 12/07/20

Artists include Alan Pearson, Mickey Smith, Julie Cromwell, Simon Kaan, Jon Tootill

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Shadows Within

Julie Cromwell

24/03/20 to 14/06/20

Julie Cromwell’s exhibition at Sanderson entitled Shadows Within, is part of an ongoing study of how ceramic vessels represent both their physical form, as well as embody intangible qualities such as spatial, sensual and ethereal.

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New Collectors

Multiple Artists

01/03/20 to 03/03/20

Coming soon...

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various artists

25/02/20 to 22/03/20

LIT showcases both works by current Sanderson artists exploring the emanation of light through photography, lumen prints, neon and sculpture. The exhibition includes works by Scott Eady, Paul Hartigan, Poppy Lekner, Karyn Taylor and Kate van der Drift. 

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Emerging Artists 2020

Various Artists

28/01/20 to 23/02/20

Sanderson’s annual Emerging Artists exhibition supports promising new talent - this year, showcasing a collection of works from recent graduates of Elam and Whitecliffe. This exhibition provides a platform for emerging New Zealand artists, giving viewers insight into the practices’ of these talented artists, whose careers are ones to watch.

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She's a Force

Josephine Cachemaille

03/12/19 to 26/01/20

Josephine Cachemaille (b. 1971, New Zealand) is an award-winning installation artist who makes paintings, objects and assemblages. She approaches art-making as a place to engage with non-human things as bodies with needs, desires and agency. She describes objects, materials and media as “collaborators” who know things, contribute and have the capacity to act. Cachemaille often tasks her installations and artworks with specific functions or roles.

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