Book covers - textiles of the Bauhaus

Julia Holderness

07/11/17 to 26/11/17

The Bauhaus continues as a major design influence for contemporary practitioners. Julia Holderness’s installations and artworks draw upon art and design histories and archives – both local and international, real and imagined. A collection of Bauhaus publications that were purchased from an ex-library sale forms a personal archive of art resources.

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New Collector Series

Including work from Meighan Ellis, Ray Haydon, Simon Kaan, Alan Ibell, Cruz Jimenez, Karyn Taylor, Jon Tootill, Vaimaila Urale, Kate van der Drift

24/10/17 to 05/11/17

The New Collector Series features an exciting selection of works from a number of Sanderson Contemporary's stable of artists, ranging in value from $150 - $5,000. The exhibition will open with the launch of our new edition of the 20/20 publication, Twenty Artists Twenty Writers, plus an opportunity to meet the artists.

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Jacquelyn Greenbank

03/10/17 to 22/10/17

Like many women artists before her, Jacquelyn Greenbank's practice employs a more domestic approach to art making. Greenback utilises found objects, recycled materials and meticulously intricate handcrafted objects that capture a moment, sensation or pseudo historical event. Inquisitively weaving narratives that often blend social histories and the occult, popular culture and the paranormal in a unique and often humorous way.

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Morning Light

Wendy Kawabata

19/09/17 to 01/10/17

Wendy Kawabata is an artist who has travelled and lived for periods in diverse and far-flung places and is now based in Hawaii. Time spent in each place taking in the life, climate, landscape and culture emerges in unexpected and satisfying ways in her work.

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John Oxborough

29/08/17 to 17/09/17

Suspend introduces a new body of work from artist John Oxborough. The works show paint suspended; prolonged within the picture plane inviting our contemplation. Suspend focuses on the properties of paint, abstracted to a point that the paint itself becomes the figurative subject of the works. Void of recognizable forms, the works in Suspend evoke an automatic and emotive response from the viewer.

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Sea of Echoes

Kate van der Drift

08/08/17 to 27/08/17

Photography has been seen as enabling a realm beyond natural vision, revealing visions previously unavailable to the human eye. Photographer Kate van der Drift similarly pictures what Walter Benjamin referred to as the “optical unconscious” (3). She does not snap to serve the heady aesthetics consumed by so many fans of trendy consumable landscape photography sold by the metre. Rather, these are careful depictions, truly shots of pure horror, of ghosts, of vanishing locations —stunning documents punching a forebodingly eerie warning.

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Ornamentation and Abstraction

Rozana Lee

25/07/17 to 06/08/17

This exhibition offers a conversation about visuality, ornamentation, and abstraction. It traces the relevance of ornament to abstraction instead of setting them at odds. The collaged fabrics in the paintings serve as the artist’s composition as well as bearer of the ornamental patterns connecting us to the world, evoking a sense of place.

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Vaimaila Urale

04/07/17 to 23/07/17

Tatala (to open) represents Vaimaila Urale’s exploration of painting on canvas with small and large scale works. This new body of work reiterates her commitment to the use of symbols which strongly identifies her practice.

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Light Show

Paul Martinson

20/06/17 to 02/07/17

Physics and natural science routinely underlie themes in Martinson's work. The light bulb, now an everyday object once sparked a quantum mechanical revolution when physicists puzzled over how electrical energy could transform into light waves. This moment lead to greater understanding of the true nature of reality and has become an essential part of Martinson’s practice.

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Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Various Artists

13/06/17 to 18/06/17

Each year, the five Auckland Art schools are asked to nominate their top Honours and Masters students for the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award, a non-acquisitional monetary award given to help launch emerging artists into successful careers in the arts. The winning artist will also be invited to mount a solo exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary in 2018.

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Meighan Ellis

23/05/17 to 11/06/17

SPECIMENS, derived from the Latin verb specere ‘to look’, presents the photographer’s ongoing fascination and pleasure in looking – specifically at the model/subject which has been the focus of Ellis’ art practice for more than two decades alongside an ongoing inquiry into the form/object. The gaze is a frequently called-upon trope in the artist's lens-based image making whereas a curiosity for the object stems from her more recent direction into sculpture, working specifically with earthenware and porcelain.

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Yoshiko Nakahara and Brendan McGorry

02/05/17 to 21/05/17

Yoshiko Nakahara and Brendan McGorry together, explore the communication between their very different ways of making. Brendan McGorry shows a series of portraits of artists throughout history mapping a solar system of influences. While Yoshiko Nakahara's intricate and highly detailed drawings look at the microscopic beauty of the natural world.

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Cruz Jimenez

11/04/17 to 30/04/17

This new body of work from artist Cruz Jimenez draws on ideas of nostalgia. The works depict fragments of memories and nostalgic wanderings, as well as a visual depiction of the artist's premonition of his future.

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E rua o Ngai Tahu awa/Two rivers of Ngai Tahu

Simon Kaan | Jon Tootill

28/03/17 to 09/04/17

This exhibition brings together the work of Simon Kaan and Jon Tootill, two artists of Ngai Tahu descent whose bicultural art-based research engages with the unique artistic ecology of Aotearoa.

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Soil and Salt

Liam Gerrard

07/03/17 to 26/03/17

Liam Gerrard’s latest exhibition showcases his exceptional talent for depicting the fantastical and the morbid. Drawing from fable, music, cultural history, natural biology and preternatural curiosities, Gerrard creates a world of his own imagining.

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Time Space Existence

Karyn Taylor

14/02/17 to 05/03/17

Karyn Taylor’s Time. Space. Existence. is an installation-based project that challenges the viewer’s sense of both time and space through optical quirks and implicit associations.

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Damien Kurth

24/01/17 to 12/02/17

Damien Kurth’s paintings explore modes of visual perception and interpretation, drawing on traditional painting practices to defy accepted conventions of the still life. Rejecting the stereotypical subject matter, images and iconography of the European still life, Kurth takes a counter-historical approach to the social and cultural parameters of still life painting.

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Summer Showcase

Various Artists

06/12/16 to 22/01/17

Summer Showcase features exciting new work from Sanderson Contemporary's stable of artists, offering a glimpse of what’s in store for 2017.

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