Megan Campbell, Andrew Barns Graham, Wanda Gillespie, Josephine Cachemaille and Alan Ibell

22/11/16 to 04/12/16

The artists in this exhibition each deal with portraits, engaging with the portraiture medium in various ways and activating its persistent relevance. A genre with a vast history, figuration has been employed by the artists in Portrait as a means to convey their own conceptual concerns – harnessing the human form to stand in for either explicit portrait or generalised entity; self or other.

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The Waiting Game

Alan Pearson

08/11/16 to 20/11/16

These images were drawn over a period of several years and are not representational drawings but portraits or translations of models posing, waiting in time. Dismissing the realism of a purposefully designed scene Alan creates an atmosphere where the space the models occupy belongs to a metaphysical world.

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Upland and Furrow

Wendy Kawabata

25/10/16 to 06/11/16

Wendy Kawabata’s latest series of paintings Upland and Furrow are accumulations of geometric shapes that form improvised grids. The works demonstrates a delicate geometry that relates to quilt design, a craft the artist has explored alongside her painting.

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Vaimaila Urale

11/10/16 to 23/10/16

Vaimaila’s practice references traditional Polynesian visual language, in juxtaposition with contemporary artistic practice and mark making. She is known for her work as part of the collaborative art collective D.A.N.C.E art club and her involvement with Whau arts festival.

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Some Light

John Oxborough

27/09/16 to 09/10/16

John Oxborough explores genres such as landscape, still life and figure painting, the keystones of Western art. Most specifically he holds a significant place in New Zealand’s rich tradition of landscape painting, working from an Expressionist approach as well as an analytical one.

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Sleep Walk

Paul Martinson

06/09/16 to 25/09/16

Martinson’s works are a rich tapestry of symbolism, from his anthropomorphic bird figures to the decaying threads that they wear. His works comment on our presence within time, and the fragility of life. This exhibition is a visual consideration of the artist’s observations of the natural world.

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The Death of Painting

Brendan McGorry

16/08/16 to 04/09/16

For this new series of works McGorry cites the pre- Raphaelite period. Taking prime examples of paintings in the era that are etched into our visual memory, McGorry re-works their composition to create contemporary works. This meshing of art historical references and contemporary imagery is a consistent theme in his practice that speaks to a continuity of painting practice.

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Anita Levering

26/07/16 to 14/08/16

In this exhibition Anita Levering attempts to eliminate artistic agency, with a body of work that displays her investigation into intuitive making. The series has a sense of playfulness; Levering’s paintings incite curiosity whilst avoiding the restraints of formalism.

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Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Various Artists

21/07/16 to 24/07/16

Each year, four Auckland Art schools are asked to nominate their top Honours and Masters students for the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award, a non-acquisitional monetary award given to help launch emerging artists into successful careers in the arts.

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Boxer Rebellion

PJ Paterson

28/06/16 to 17/07/16

Boxer Rebellion is a selection of photographic and moving image works from artist PJ Paterson. The works come together to portray a post apocalyptic reality. As developers look to expand the outer limits of the city to accommodate population growth, inner city living becomes more and more elite. Paterson depicts a scenario where the populace is no longer concerned about the destruction of the earth – instead seeking refuge on another planet.

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Eventual Efflorescence

Kate van der Drift

07/06/16 to 26/06/16

Eventual Efflorescence is a new series that depicts the banal realism of an everyday, suburban environment. These scenes are as recognisable and familiar as any one of the many new subdivisions continually springing up across the developed world. The images are difficult to locate within Aotearoa, or any specific region; not because van der Drift has erased specific cultural signifiers but because they were never there. The street signs point to a global anonymity: Barbados Key, Maldives Way, Seychelles Drive, Mauritius, Bermuda, Malibu, Monaco, Sorrento, Havana ... These names speak nothing of the low-lying and coastal settlement of Papamoa and the history of this vulnerable young town. Its newly formed palm-lined streets are gridded with storm water ditches that lay waiting.

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Mark Whalen

17/05/16 to 05/06/16

The architectonic, ‘insides’ of Mark Whalen’s private, adolescently flavored worlds owe as much (formally) to the proto-abstract ‘shadow-boxes’ of Giotto, or the shallow, tessellated, interiors of Persian miniatures, as they do to the monstrously incremental, ‘outsider’ architecture of Jess Johnson. Whalen’s airless, sunless social arenas, populated with bloodless, attenuated homunculi – generic, everyman, stand-ins – have as much in common with the flattened and tilted pictorial spaces of Bruegel as with the monstrously activated psychological zones of the Hairy Who.

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New Work

Alan Ibell

26/04/16 to 15/05/16

Alan Ibell’s enigmatic chronicles lie in a territory somewhere between illustration and art, a knowing amalgam that sits this side of cartoon – a hybrid format that has put new energy and a touch of whimsy into the genre of figure in landscape.

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In The Land

Wendy Kawabata

15/03/16 to 03/04/16

Wendy Kawabata is an artist who has travelled and lived for periods in diverse and far-flung places and is now based in Hawaii. Time spent in each place taking in the life, climate, landscape and culture emerges in unexpected and satisfying ways in her work. Most consistent is the deliberately controlled scale that allows for a practice that is flexible, mobile and ready. While holding on robustly to its integrity Kawabata’s work it is never finite and remains open to the possibility of change and adaptation according to circumstance.

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Same as it ever was

Josephine Cachemaille

23/02/16 to 13/03/16

Josephine Cachemaille’s installation of assemblages and collages evokes a primitive setting within which contemporary concerns play out. Prop-like cloth wall hangings suggest landscape: mountains, a sun, a cave or portal; a disc of blue velvet on the gallery floor, a pool.

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The King's Rose

Cruz Jimenez

09/02/16 to 21/02/16

Cruz Jimenez’s latest series departs from the densely worked surfaces of previous work to embrace a minimal, line-focused style. The scroll-like forms of The Kings’ Rose present washi ink on fields of crisp white paper, with simple, deftly-rendered ink forms that resonate in their clarity.

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Conflation of the Micro and Macro

Lea Anne Sheather

19/01/16 to 07/02/16

Lea-Anne Sheather’s work reflects on the interconnectedness of life forms and the human interference with nature. She endeavors to tease out and look behind daily reality to create her own ideology that makes sense of her personal relationship with the Earth, including the anxieties and fears she has for both its future and for the afterlife.

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Group Show

01/12/15 to 17/01/16

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, our ADVENT exhibition offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery for the next 12 months.

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