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Karyn Taylor

17/11/15 to 30/11/15

Karyn Taylor is herself a sublime understatement. She is an artist of insatiable drive with an appetite for the infinite made finite in her material constructions. Taylor is not afraid of confronting grand narratives; her themes deal with the science of life. The complexity of concepts explored by Taylor is presented in deceptively refined structures and installations.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

03/11/15 to 15/11/15

Liam Gerrard is a universal image maker. His drawings hold within them an entire possibility, both of the familiar and the utterly unknown. He draws upon a visual language that is ordinary, almost to the point of banality. Until you look closer. Floral arrangements hold dark secrets, fabled creatures are contextualised into a modern dialogue, and the repugnant turns sweet. Gerrard is an alchemist, forever transforming commonality into something precious, and sometimes inherently sinister.

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New Work

13/10/15 to 01/11/15

Ben Pearce’s art explores memory and reconciles it with a recent and common ‘ancestor’ to us all: childhood. He strives to make visible the quirks and tragedies of our mind’s recording machinations, to materialise the emotional states that can cripple our bodies and which often distort the way we record time and memory. The nature of this internal landscape is of interest to Pearce; his sculptures may exist within his internal world but they also seek to co-exist as time-travelers in our own.

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Great Expectations

Brendan McGorry

29/09/15 to 11/10/15

As a thoughtful observer of the world around him, Brendan McGorry is fascinated by human-made systems, and he scrutinises these structures through his multifaceted art practice incorporating drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation.

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20 / 20 Book Launch Group Exhibition

Various Artists

15/09/15 to 27/09/15

This exhibition celebrates the launch of Sanderson Contemporary's new publication "20 / 20: Twenty Artists, Twenty Writers, One New Zealand Gallery."

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Everything is possible except that which is deemed impossible by the nature of things

Rebecca Frogley

25/08/15 to 13/09/15

"Perhaps if gravity were just slightly stronger, it would halt the expansion of the universe to collapse into itself, until it compressed down to something so infinitesimal, so spatially unassuming, that it almost ceased to exist. Or if for simply an instant it lessened, a momentary fault like an unexpectedly dropped glass, the universe would race away from itself. It would become inert, endless, essentially empty. Pitched perfectly, our current gravitational pull hold our natural world together at precisely the right values. Still, if nature has taught us anything it is that there are anomalies through which we find exception to rules. As such, we are reminded time and time again that nothing is too extraordinary to be true. This is the tension between what works and what appears to suspend our understanding of how the world works – the mystery and the power of the unknown."

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Every Day

Yoshiko Nakahara

11/08/15 to 23/08/15

The intricate drawings of Yoshiko Nakahara juxtapose a sense of rigorous activity with a calm, pattern-based technique. The complexity of her compositions inspires a mood of introspective contemplation that is both unexpected and immediate.

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Nature vs Nurture

Mark Rodda

21/07/15 to 09/08/15

Over the past half decade Mark Rodda has consistently painted magical landscapes. The primary source of inspiration for these works has come from the European Romantic Landscape tradition of the 18th and 19th century. Rodda’s work has been especially influenced by the painting of French artists Eugene Delacroix and Camile Corot; Swiss Arnold Bocklin; German Casper David Friedrich; Norwegian Theodor Kittelsen; and English mythical Pre-Raphaelite William Waterhouse.

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Paul Martinson

30/06/15 to 19/07/15

An abiding interest in the surreal and the symbolic has seen Paul Martinson shift away from realism in search of a style that expresses the poetry of the human mind. While retaining a drawing-based figurative style, Martinson has embraced a personal, liberal approach to painting that allows a free flow of imagery and ideas.

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[ 195 ]

Various Artists

23/06/15 to 28/06/15

Inspired by our wildly popular 150 x 150 x 150 exhibition, [ 195 ] is our new iteration of this affordable art concept. All works in the show will be 195mm on at least one dimension and will be priced at a mere $195!

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Changing Shores of Shadow

Kate van der Drift

02/06/15 to 21/06/15

Imagined and real waterlines dominate Changing Shores of Shadow, as Kate van der Drift contemplates atmospheric fluctuation in close-by, low-lying landscapes, while employing a mixture of analogue and digital manipulation.

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Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Various Artists

26/05/15 to 31/05/15

Each year, four Auckland Art schools are asked to nominate their top Honours and Masters students for the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award, a non-acquisitional monetary award given to help launch emerging artists into successful careers in the arts.The winning artist will also be invited to mount a solo exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary in 2016.

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New Work

Alan Ibell

12/05/15 to 31/05/15

Searching for answers in a nonsensical world, Alan Ibell's elusive narratives simulate the logic at work in dreams. His paintings examine the time-old discourse between spirituality, religion and superstition, while challenging the viewer’s preconceived perceptions of reality.

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New Work

Candi Dentice

21/04/15 to 10/05/15

Candi Dentice is an artist with conscience. In her oil paintings nature is tightly ordered and contained. She has a Magritte-like attention to detail and her work is symbolic and allegorical, but unlike Rene Magritte and the Surrealists her focus is on ecology, the plight and fate of the natural world; the view outside our window.

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Beneath your strawberry flesh

Alex Plumb

31/03/15 to 19/04/15

Winner of the prestigious Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award in 2014, Alex Plumb presents an exhibition of new video works made in collaboration with Chris Lorimer.

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Ted Dutch (1928 2008)

10/03/15 to 29/03/15

There is an undeniable humour in the work of Ted Dutch, an artist whose long career encompassed painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, animation and graphic design. His distinctive style of illustration drew liberally from cartoons and pop imagery, while his light-hearted choices in subject matter saw him create highly stylised, colourful and humorous responses to the anxieties of the twentieth century.

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Linda Holloway

17/02/15 to 08/03/15

An initial encounter with Linda Holloway’s Anomie paintings might suggest that they are directly accessible through a familiar iconography centred upon the art and literature of Western civilisation. Panoramic landscapes viewed from on-high, populated by diminutive figures on a voyage or quest to somewhere else. It’s the stuff of classical literature and popular culture, from Homer’s Odysseus to Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise.

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New Work

PJ Paterson

27/01/15 to 15/02/15

PJ Paterson's varied practices switches from photography to paintings and addresses diverse subject matter. In his new series, he returns to painting, exploring iconic figures who have shaped his identity and influenced his cultural landscape. Depicting such cult figures as Cher, Muhammad Ali and Thom Yorke, Paterson’s new paintings employ a similar pointillist technique used in his earlier Twiggy series, which involves the painstaking recreation of images using tiny painted dots to Perspex.

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Let's talk about what we have

Yukari Kaihori

16/12/14 to 25/01/15

Yukari Kaihori’s work reconstructs and reimagines landscapes and scenes witnessed and experienced by the artist. Kahori is concerned with memory, especially in relation to time and space, so she allows emotion, mood, and the unreliability of memory to influence her work. The ephemeral nature of the lived environments is a key concern, demonstrated through constant transformations from moment to moment, process to process.

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