Advent Preview

By appointment in Herne Bay

08/12/14 to 12/12/14

We're closed in Newmarket for some very exciting renovations, to be revealed on Tuesday 16 December. In the meantime contact us with all in enquiries in Herne Bay on +64 9 378 9298. We'd love to hear from you and have beautiful work for our upcoming summer show ready to preview in Herne Bay or onsite at your place.

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Social Realism

Brit Bunkley

19/11/14 to 06/12/14

Brit Bunkley’s Social Realism looks to the icons of nationalist Neo-Classical art, as the artist continues his investigations in 3-D modelling and printing. The Classical art genre has been used to serve the agendas of Fascists and Stalinists, colonialists, capitalists, and the military. Classical motifs are seen throughout the West in seats of governments, universities, banks, and along Wall Street. Bunkley’s subject matter is a reminder that Classicism in art and architecture represents both the best and worst of European culture – domination, hegemony, and power, as well as the positive characteristics of the enlightenment – reason, liberalism, democracy, freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Paul Martinson

22/10/14 to 15/11/14

An abiding interest in the surreal and the symbolic has seen Paul Martinson shift away from realism in search of a style that expresses the poetry of the human mind. While retaining a drawing-based figurative style, Martinson has embraced a personal, liberal approach to painting that allows a free flow of imagery and ideas.

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The Belle Époque Project

Brendan McGorry

24/09/14 to 18/10/14

Primarily self-taught, Brendan McGorry engages with references and allegories drawn from historical European paintings, which he intertwines with his own personal genealogy to reflect upon biological and social evolution.

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New Paintings

Amanda Gruenwald

27/08/14 to 20/09/14

Amanda Gruenwald’s New Paintings are expanses of glowing colour. Rather than simply acting representationally, here colour itself is the subject, as Gruenwald’s distinctive shapes collide, bleed, abut, or fray into one another. With these works, there are a number of new developments and moves forward.

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Shintaro Nakahara

30/07/14 to 23/08/14

The distinctive playful and colourful aesthetic of Shintaro Nakahara belies the rigorous and complex creation of his paintings. Immediately arresting, his work draws liberally from Japanese tradition, Pop Art and contemporary cultural iconography to create visually striking paintings that blend ancient and contemporary elements to great effect.

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Graphic Conjectures

Alan Pearson

02/07/14 to 26/07/14

Neo-Expressionist Alan Pearson has become one of the defining figures of New Zealand art history. In spite of his strident individualism and idiosyncratic values, which have provided a source of motivation throughout his career, his uniquely expressive and insightful work has brought him well-deserved attention and acclaim.

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Unruly Memoirs: Nature Bites Back

Jane Zusters

11/06/14 to 28/06/14

Unruly Memoirs: Nature Bites Back is a series of geopolitical montages from Christchurch-based photographer Jane Zusters. “In Zusters’ most recent work the barriers that once divided one space from another have disintegrated due to the Christchurch earthquakes of September 4, 2010 and February 22, 2011. The framework literally disappears in the digital photographs, capturing a sense of displacement and impermanence. There is a tangible sense of despair, but also a circularity and remembrance that things pass and will return again...At a fundamental level Zusters is an artist of change, and a proponent of great hope amongst this change.” – Jamie Hanton

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Schemes / Visions

Alan Ibell

14/05/14 to 07/06/14

Searching for answers in a nonsensical world, Alan Ibell's elusive narratives simulate the logic at work in dreams. His paintings examine the time-old discourse between spirituality, religion and superstition, while challenging the viewer’s preconceived perceptions of reality.

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Linda Holloway with Julia Stevenson

16/04/14 to 10/05/14

In this series Linda Holloway responds to the notion of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic concept that embraces asymmetry and imperfection. Working on boards or varying dimensions, Holloway utilises a spare and tranquil palette, exploring her exquisite layers of washes to hint at dream-like landscapes. Works appear more pared back than the artist’s typical painting style, yet remain populated with her characteristic diminutive figures, together with looming abstract forms. Julia Stevenson's complementary works continue the principles of wabi-sabi, with pieces folded in the form of fans. These careful constructions incorporate etchings, monoprints and chine colle individually hand-printed on paper.

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The City

PJ Paterson

19/03/14 to 12/04/14

Modernity has been out of favour since the late 60s when capitalism and consumerism and its omnivorous feeding habits began to be questioned by artists, philosophers and commentators alike.

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Cruz Jimenez

19/02/14 to 15/03/14

Cruz Jimenez possesses an idiosyncratic, anamorphic lens that allows him to look into the middle distance between the figurative and the completely abstract. A glance back at his past work turns up lofty images of sweeping painterly colours – forever oscillating away from the overtly figurative and back to it.

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Group Exhibition

04/12/13 to 15/02/14

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, Advent 2013 offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery in 2014. With more works to be added as they arrive in the gallery.

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