New Work

Candi Dentice

13/11/13 to 30/11/13

Environmental messages and social commentary are presented through the whimsical yet confronting tableaux of Candi Dentice. Exquisitely rendered landscapes form a backdrop for the surreal and symbolic subjects of her paintings, which deal with the costs of economic expansion and consumerism.

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Redbush and Milk

James R Ford

16/10/13 to 09/11/13

James R Ford is an artist whose varied practice includes drawing, assemblage, installation and film. His observative projects often feature play, chance or repetition, with resulting work being of an existential nature, incorporating humour and the everyday.

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No Phobia

Brit Bunkley

18/09/13 to 12/10/13

After decades of scientific and technological development hurtling us ever faster forward, we know that science fiction can be close to science fact.

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Subsection 27A

Tracey Walker

28/08/13 to 14/09/13

Tracey Walker's artworks deal with the division between landscape and urbanscape, lamenting the loss of natural wholeness through the artificial divisions created by human imposition on the land.

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Auckland Art Fair

Group Exhibition

31/07/13 to 24/08/13

A group exhibition to coincide with the Auckland Art Fair, 7-11 August.

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Amanda Gruenwald

10/07/13 to 27/07/13

Amanda Gruenwald’s large-scale abstractions reveal intuitive forms that emerge incrementally as a result of her accumulative mark-making. Working slowly in oil, Gruenwald produces thousands of these small marks, which merge to create a single overall form. Appearing at once organic and considered, this form conveys movement and direction, with each work communicating a distinct energy and trajectory.

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Astral Weeks

19/06/13 to 06/07/13

Crucial questions of life, existence, and meaning are addressed in James Robinson’s exhibition Astral Weeks. From his large canvas works to his series of small works on paper, figure, icon and text coexist on Robinson’s complex picture planes. Combining elements from pure abstraction to graphic, cartoonish drawings that utilise the distinctive imagery of New Age and sci-fi, the series speaks to Robinson’s ongoing spiritual enquiry.

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Down Home

Kevin Capon, Young San Han, PJ Paterson and Jane Zusters

29/05/13 to 15/06/13

Down Home brings together the work of four photographers addressing narratives of home; familial interactions, household artefacts, the domestic and the suburban. Through their varied practices, Kevin Capon, Young Sun Han, PJ Paterson and Jane Zusters demonstrate how close studies of the everyday can lead to quiet revelations.

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Alexandra Odelle

08/05/13 to 25/05/13

Working within a rigorous aesthetic framework, the Intimately-scaled paintings and drawings of Alexandra Odelle examine non-representational art-making to uncover what it means to think, look and feel an art image.

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Paul Martinson

10/04/13 to 04/05/13

An abiding interest in the surreal and the symbolic has seen Paul Martinson shift away from realism in search of a style that expresses the poetry of the human mind. While retaining a drawing-based figurative style, Martinson has embraced a personal, liberal approach to painting that allows a free flow of imagery and ideas.

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Grow in Light

Wendy Kawabata

13/03/13 to 06/04/13

Wendy Kawabata’s approach is conducted within a space of making which is traditionally seen to reinforce feminine, maternal, and domestic roles. Kawabata also relates this process to a very organic progression: “The works ask for the consideration and gratitude given a first attempt at handmade work filled with mistakes but completed and gifted despite its flaws. Overt in their construction and economy, value is embedded into each drawing through times spent.”

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

13/02/13 to 09/03/13

New large-scale charcoal works from Liam Gerrard demonstrate the artist’s continued scrutiny of startling subjects; employing humour, pastiche and irreverence to construct confronting images and assemblages.

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Advent 2012

Group Show

28/11/12 to 09/02/13

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, Advent 2012 offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery in 2013.

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