Ted Dutch (1928 2008)

31/10/12 to 24/11/12

Rarities brings together rare, unique and previously unseen work from the studio archive of iconic artist Ted Dutch.

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Kevin Capon

03/10/12 to 27/10/12

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to announce Kevin Capon will be exhibiting a new series of photographs at our Herne Bay Gallery, opening 5:30pm, Wednesday 3rd of October 2012.

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Damien Kurth

12/09/12 to 29/09/12

Traverser sees the continuation of Damien Kurth’s fascination with still life, as he explores modes of visual perception and interpretation, and draws on traditional painting practices to defy accepted conventions of the genre. Kurth's works reject stereotypical subject matter, taking a counter-historical approach to the social and cultural parameters of still life painting.

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sooner later

Young Sun Han

15/08/12 to 08/09/12

Young Sun Han’s highly personal exhibition frankly documents his father’s terminal illness; the sequence of images revealing sorrow, tenderness, and humour, as well as presenting mundane and beautiful instants of familial intimacy. When Young Sun Han’s father passed away in 2010 the artist was left with hundreds of iPhone photos documenting his father’s final months battling cancer. From these images, Han began to assemble an intimate book sooner later, named after a child's drawing discovered and photographed at a local Buddhist center. In this drawing Buddha can be seen proclaiming the end of all things, including his own life.

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Isn't It Good To Be Lost In The Wood

Alan Ibell

25/07/12 to 11/08/12

Alan Ibell's paintings deal with the search for absolutes in an absurd world, forming narratives that explore the dialogue between religion, spirituality and superstition, and the bearing these ideas have in contemporary society.

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