The Works of Kevin Capon

Kevin Capon

21/05/19 to 10/06/19

Kevin Capons' works are ecclectic from the grotesque to sublime beauty he photographs extremes and all facets of life's gritty yet beautiful path.

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Jon Tootill

30/04/19 to 20/05/19

Jon Tootill’s practice is informed by pattern and colour. Drawing inspiration from raranga (weaving /plaiting), tukutuku (wall-panel weaving) and whakairo (carving), Tootill creates beautifully paired-back patterns that often mimic repetitive forms found in nature.

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Chasing Colour

John Oxborough and Crystal Chain Gang

02/04/19 to 28/04/19

Chasing Colour exhibits new works by John Oxborough and guest artists Leanne Williams and Jim Dennison who work collaboratively under the moniker Crystal Chain Gang. In this exciting exhibition colour is brought to life through Oxborough’s expressive canvases and Crystal Chain Gang’s handcrafted chandeliers dripping in intricate coloured glass.

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Higher Thought Forms

Wanda Gillespie

12/03/19 to 31/03/19

Wanda Gillespie’s created artefacts are often claimed to be tools in spiritual/religious practice. Imagined gurus and guides show a path of imagined or potential enlightenment. The exhibition includes a series of highly detailed sculptural works that reference the abacus and perhaps offer us the ability to calculate and understand on a deepr level that which is undefined.

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Vaimaila Urale

19/02/19 to 10/03/19

Aniva is a collection of sand on paper works presented as a large scale installation. The exhibition explores the artist's interest in collectivism and plays with notions around collective ownership, inclusive spaces and accessibility to art. The artwork operates as a constellation comprised of multiple visual elements and Samoan symbols, fundamental to Urale’s practice. Utilising a grid format as the framework, Aniva can also be appreciated as smaller individual artworks. There are 50 sand on paper works in total which combine to create the larger entity that is Aniva. Urale asserts a communal frame of reference to the work, continuing her deeply exploratory art practice.

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$ :-)

Eva Dijkstra

29/01/19 to 17/02/19

Eva Dijkstra’s bold and colourful work straddles the junction between painting, sculpture, art and design. Following in the tradition of minimalist paintings and shaped canvasses, but picking up where her precursors left off. Presenting itself as minimal, or even non-objective, it is only after closer investigation the true work presents itself.

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Summer Showcase

Various Artists

17/12/18 to 27/01/19

Summer Showcase presents a forecast for 2019, offering a glimpse into the exciting programme of exhibitions and events that we have in store for the next 12 months. The gallery’s programme for 2019 includes major new exhibitions from our stable, curated group shows, and exhibitions from guest artists, as well as participation at local and international art fairs. Summer Showcase brings together impressive new pieces from our stable alongside exciting pieces from guest artists.

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Craggy Range Pop Up

various artists

01/12/18 to 19/12/18

We are delighted to be popping up at Craggy Range Vineyard. This year we have set up an outdoor sculpture trail which will be live from the 12th December 2018. We launch our pop-up exhibition in the stunning industrial Chardonnay Room the first weekend of January 2019. The indoor exhibition will be open to the public every Saturday and Sunday in January and most of February 2019 from 10am - 5pm. You can find Craggy Range at 253 Waimarama Road Havelock North.

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Florence & Florence other textile histories

Julia Holderness

27/11/18 to 09/12/18

Julia Holderness has explored her own textile making alongside that of Canterbury artist and teacher Florence Akins (1906 – 2012). Re-working a range of archive materials from the Macmillan Brown Library & Heritage Collections that relate to Akins and her teaching of textiles at the Canterbury College School of Art, Holderness presents their possible entanglement with the international Bauhaus movement.

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Looking Up

Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

06/11/18 to 25/11/18

Though each possess very distinct outputs, both Shintaro and Yoshiko’s practices are concerned with precision and planning. They share an intuitive approach and an obsessive, manual process. It is perhaps these qualities that have helped the two artists to successfully develop the “third artist,” a term they use to describe their collaborative practice. While it is easy to draw out the individual artists from their collaborative works – colour from Shintaro and black line work from Yoshiko – the “third artist” is actually inseparable.

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A Curious Pursuit

Meighan Ellis

16/10/18 to 04/11/18

The need to collect and arrange is an impulse to make sense of the world. Originating in childhood via potent experiences with her grandparent’s geologic samples, Ellis found herself in a stratified world of taxonomies, of specimens, of identification and the display of lithic forms. This delight from collecting and looking would eventually be coupled with picturing masculine beauty. Her photographic practice has since amassed into a personal archive, a collection with a predilection for mineral silicates and male portraits.

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Stephen Ellis

25/09/18 to 14/10/18

Stephen Ellis’ newest body of work Headforemost is a suite of four large scale, intricate ball point pen drawings that capture and comment on local history. Ellis’ works are awe inspiring. With a commitment to both process and the research grounding the work, he layers meaning and technique to create works that intrigue. Working in the humble ball point pen, Ellis’ large scale works are truly unique and have to be seen in person to understand his mastery of line, light and composition. Free Kids Drawing workshop with Stephen Ellis Saturday 13th October 10 - 12 As a part of ArtWeek Auckland 2018

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Fertile Ground

Paris Kirby

11/09/18 to 23/09/18

An exhibition of new works exploring New Zealand’s landscape painting history. A selection of 20th-century Pakeha women painters have served as the starting point for Paris Kirby’s latest exhibition Fertile Ground. Small-scale painted reproductions of iconic works by artists including Rita Angus, Dorothy Richmond and Doris Lusk are inset in each of Kirby’s large-scale paintings. The inserted reproductions serve both as an inspiration for the artists chosen palette, and as a reference point for her exploration into Aotearoa’s colonial and art historical past.

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Here Comes the Sun

Wendy Kawabata

21/08/18 to 09/09/18

Here Comes the Sun is a firm return to painting. The exhibition is a selection of Kawabata's recent investigations into color, light, and textile structure within abstraction. These paintings of polygonal cairns, bucolic settings, and geometric networks, are colorful totems made to empower and charm. Apart from when polygonal cairns are centrally presented, color is not used to describe, rather its presence both suggests and undermines space and form. These cairns serve as trail markers for and personifications of the painter, signposts enabling her to wander a bit but make her way back to the path.

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John Oxborough

31/07/18 to 19/08/18

John Oxborough’s works draw on nostalgia, the visceral feelings and memories connected to familiar places and moments and while the subjects of his work embody his personal nostalgia, they too stir these feelings within the viewer.

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Various Artists

24/07/18 to 29/07/18

Each year, Auckland Art schools are asked to nominate their top Honours and Masters students for the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award, a non-acquisitional monetary award given to help launch emerging artists into successful careers in the arts. The winning artist will also be invited to mount a solo exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary in 2019. The 2018 nominated artists are Oliver King, Sholto Buck, Aydriannah Kataraina Tuiali’i, Monique Lacey, Hannah Rose Arnold, Alexander Schipper, Arapeta Ashton, Abbey Lyman, Chervelle Athena, Hannah Valentine, Scarlett Cibilich, Mish O’Neill, Yvonne Abercrombie, Danae Ripley, Priscilla Hunter, & Vaimoana Eves.

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Tino Talk

Vaimaila Urale

03/07/18 to 22/07/18

For millennia, people of Moana Nui a Kiwa have practiced the artform of tatau (tattoo), communicating their heritage, lineage, history, and narratives with their body markings. Tino Talk, a series of photographic portraits by Vaimaila Urale, documents an exploration of Polynesian symbology through the act of marking the body.

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Portraits 1984 – 85

Kevin Capon

12/06/18 to 01/07/18

This is a small selection of works from a wider body of forty photographic portraits that Kevin Capon shot throughout 1984-85. The black and white portraits captured prominent figures within the arts at the time, a snapshot of New Zealand’s creative face of the time. Portraits 1984-85 is part of the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography CORE programme.

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