Crater Pools

22/11/16 to 04/12/16

Ben Pearce is a New Zealand based sculptor who works with wood, stone, metal and found objects. His art explores memory and reconciles it thoughts of childhood – a recent and common ancestor to us all. He strives to make visible the quirks and tragedies of our mind’s recording machinations, to materialise the emotional states that can cripple our bodies and which often distort the way we record time and memory.

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Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

08/11/16 to 20/11/16

This exhibition features new work from the collaborative practice of artists Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara. The Japanese-born husband and wife, who were classically trained in Tokyo, each make art independently; as individuals they have different conceptual concerns, work on dramatically different scales and in different mediums.

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Ben Foster

25/10/16 to 06/11/16

In his latest work Ben Foster engages abstract geometric form to capture various creatures, with immaculately constructed sculptures in powder-coated aluminium that are playful and instantly familiar. Spectrum shows works of increasing subtlety, as Foster draws contrast between light and shade, human and animal, predator and prey.

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Feel Up

Josephine Cachemaille

11/10/16 to 23/10/16

Josephine Cachemaille’s exhibition FEEL UP! urges us to join her in an optimistic, animist fantasy where we become more connected, positive beings, traversing modern boundaries between persons and things.

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Paris Kirby, Kevin Capon, Meighan Ellis, Kate van der Drift and Linda Holloway

27/09/16 to 09/10/16

One of the earliest art forms, landscape has been used throughout the ages to capture, depict and communicate the natural world. The genre of landscape has shifted away from scenery painted to decorate the interior to an increasingly politicised subject matter created to provoke and question the human condition and our surrounding environment.

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Ray Haydon

06/09/16 to 25/09/16

After several decades of a successful career working in bronze, wood, stainless steel, aluminium and Corten steel crafting a range of indoor and outdoor works, Haydon’s exploration into the properties of carbon fibre has opened up a whole new area of imagery in his new show Cadence.

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Black Cloud

Simon Kaan

16/08/16 to 04/09/16

Black Cloud is an exhibition of new works by artist Simon Kaan that further investigate the artist's inquiry into contrasting form. The show comprises of a series of large scale works on paper and paintings that reference the overreaching idea of a Black Cloud.

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Cruz Jimenez

26/07/16 to 14/08/16

The Spanish title of Cruz Jimenez’s latest exhibition is Viaje – which, translated into English, means 'journey'. The artist's Mexican heritage is embraced in this new body of work, a series that describes Jimenez’s own development; his journey.

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Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Various Artists

21/07/16 to 24/07/16

Each year, four Auckland Art schools are asked to nominate their top Honours and Masters students for the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award, a non-acquisitional monetary award given to help launch emerging artists into successful careers in the arts.

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Line to Plane

Karyn Taylor

28/06/16 to 17/07/16

Line to Plane is an exhibition showcasing new works from artist Karyn Taylor. In this new body of work Karyn is further investigating geometric space, notions of defined reality and the desire for logical outcomes. Taylor’s works seem to be made with some form of magic – a glowing line appears illuminated with no visible power source – for this reason the works often instill a sense of disbelief and wonder.

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Unremarkable Treasures

Scott Eady

07/06/16 to 26/06/16

Scott Eady has, for the last decade, been making large-scale sculptural works with sardonic wit. He is concerned with the making of disruptive and troublesome sculpture that interrogates and confounds expectations of the medium.With a practice that increasingly emphasises making and encounter, Eady’s work explores sculpture’s ongoing negotiation with its own histories, its contested place in the public realm and gallery spaces, and teases out its often tense relationship with audiences.

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Fabrications - Auckland Art Fair group show

Josephine Cachemaille, Scott Eady, Stephen Ellis, Ray Haydon, Cruz Jimenez, Simon Kaan, Damien Kurth, PJ Paterson, Ben Pearce, Karyn Taylor, Kate van der Drift

17/05/16 to 05/06/16

Fabrications is a group show running concurrently with the Auckland Art Fair. The gallery show is intended to offer a deeper experience of our artists’ practice beyond the confines of the Art Fair stand.

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Here there is no why

Damien Kurth

26/04/16 to 15/05/16

Forget about the allegories and symbolism of 17th century Dutch still life painting or the formalism and intimacy of Giorgio Morandi’s art. Apart from his choice of subject, Damien Kurth’s paintings have very little in common with familiar narratives of still life painting.

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Permafrost: Drawings 2015-2016

Stephen Ellis

05/04/16 to 24/04/16

The utilitarian writing device known as the ‘ball-point pen’ is the medium used by school children in 1B4 exercise books, of crossword warriors and doodlers by the telephone; it’s the people’s most familiar mark-making tool. Amidst the broad array of high art media, the 21st century boasts some of the most technologically advanced art production since the first printing press was made. Stephen Ellis has chosen the quotidian ball-point pen and correction fluid above all other showy media; the humble biro is without vanity, and yet Stephen Ellis’ drawings are nothing short of magnificent illusory alchemy.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

15/03/16 to 03/04/16

Liam Gerrard is a universal image maker. His drawings hold within them an entire possibility, both of the familiar and the utterly unknown. He draws upon a visual language that is ordinary, almost to the point of banality. Until you look closer. Floral arrangements hold dark secrets, fabled creatures are contextualised into a modern dialogue, and the repugnant turns sweet. Gerrard is an alchemist, forever transforming commonality into something precious, and sometimes inherently sinister.

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Ode to Time - Recent Paintings

Alan Pearson

23/02/16 to 13/03/16

For over sixty years British-born Alan Pearson has been one of the outstanding proponents of pure painting in New Zealand art. His work, densely complex, restlessly explorative, remains true to the ethos of Neo-Expressionism, alive with gesture, emotion and insight, rarely rivalled for technical mastery.

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New Work

John Oxborough

09/02/16 to 21/02/16

John Oxborough’s latest paintings examine and challenge the conventions of portrait painting in the artist's characteristic Expressionist style.

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Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

19/01/16 to 07/02/16

Bringing together the talents of Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara, the artists' present a unique body of collaborative paintings. The Japanese-born husband and wife duo each have successful independent artistic practices, having gained degrees in Fine Art in Tokyo prior to their emigration to New Zealand.

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Group Show

01/12/15 to 17/01/16

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, our ADVENT exhibition offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery for the next 12 months.

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