Reopening 16 December

08/12/14 to 14/12/14

We're closed in Newmarket for some very exciting renovations, to be revealed on Tuesday 16 December. In the meantime contact us with all in enquiries in Herne Bay on +64 9 378 9298. We'd love to hear from you and have beautiful work for our upcoming summer show ready to preview in Herne Bay or onsite at your place.

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Chromatic Scale

Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

25/11/14 to 07/12/14

Bringing together the talents of Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara, the artists' present a unique body of collaborative paintings. The Japanese-born husband and wife duo each have successful independent artistic practices, having gained degrees in Fine Art in Tokyo prior to their emigration to New Zealand.

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Martin Selman

11/11/14 to 23/11/14

Martin Selman’s work poses a challenge to the way we appreciate marble as a material. He takes this expensive stone that is steeped in historical connotation and makes it modern. He liberates Carrara marble from the burden of its history, and undermines tradition by his choice to craft trash from this costly rock.

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Active Agents / Passive Matter

Josephine Cachemaille

28/10/14 to 09/11/14

Active Agents / Passive Matter finds artist Josephine Cachemaille revisiting her ongoing speculative efforts to examine her capacity as an animist. While taking the position of the “curious skeptic,” Cachemaille suspends disbelief and tries to imagine how animism can influence her work, as she seeks to animate materials and objects with a sense of presence.

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Revelation 8:7

PJ Paterson

14/10/14 to 26/10/14

Revelation 8:7 continues Paterson’s concern with notions of decay, destruction and obsolescence. Manipulated digital photography is employed to reframe the familiar and imagine an end-point for our society of excess, brutally deconstructing modern myths such as the success of capitalism and consumerism.

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Anita Levering

30/09/14 to 12/10/14

Anita Levering’s painting-based research explores issues connected to chance and intentionality, examining the unpredictability of external forces and chance procedures in the creation of abstract paintings. In her practice Levering investigates the materiality of paint using addition, dissolution, accumulation, and subtraction or un-doing.

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Ray Haydon

09/09/14 to 28/09/14

Sculptor Ray Haydon creates sinuous linear forms that respond to space, on a monumental and domestic scale, using an extensive variety of materials. Haydon uses the form of sculpture with its multiple vantage points to create his drawings in space. These open networks of linear abstract formations range from colossal outdoor sculptures to intimately scaled works for the interior. Through this unconventional use of sculpture, Haydon is able to draw organically in three dimensions.

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New Work

Cruz Jimenez

26/08/14 to 07/09/14

Jimenez’s practice is the perfect distillation of the definition of abstraction. Ask him what he sees in his current work and he points to a branch supporting a bird – here a feather, there a tree. What the viewer sees, though, is the world distilled through Jimenez’s lens – the pulse and the hum and the glitter located just below the surface.

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Melbourne Art Fair Group Show

Brit Bunkley, Josephine Cachemaille, Ben Foster, Will Handley, Ray Haydon, Damien Kurth, Shintaro Nakahara, PJ Paterson and Martin Selman

19/08/14 to 24/08/14

To celebrate our return from Melbourne Art Fair, we've hung the gallery with a fabulous group show of work from our Melbourne exhibitors and more.

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Breathing Room

Linda Holloway

05/08/14 to 17/08/14

Breathing Room represents a departure from Linda Holloway's characteristic compositions to present works that are quiet, still, and introspective. Awe-inspiring in their dramatic scale – with the largest pieces three metres high – Holloway’s new works impart a minimalism that offers space for contemplation and thought. Where previously suggestions of landscape have served as a metaphor for the human mind, Breathing Room shifts to the interior with architectural structures creating the framework for the artist’s ongoing concerns: the origins of thought, societal relationships and the accumulation of cultural associations.

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Ben Foster

15/07/14 to 03/08/14

Kaikoura-based sculptor Ben Foster draws upon the physical landscape of home with his static, stylised figurative works mirroring the dramatic forms of the mountains which are his backdrop. Similarly, his kinetic abstract sculptures echo the restless coastal waters and winds which swiftly reshape the stony shores. His artistic practice serves as a vehicle through which he explores human interaction with the land and the animals with which we share our lives and spaces.

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Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Various Artists

08/07/14 to 13/07/14

The Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards is an exhibition that brings together top Masters students from AUT, Elam, Unitec and Whitecliffe art schools.

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New Work

Simon Kaan

17/06/14 to 06/07/14

Simon Kaan describes his work as ‘biological landscapes’, animated vistas that piece together a sense of belonging and explore a multi-dimensional sense of self. The images he creates, like the work of the late Ralph Hotere, can be viewed through an allegorical window.

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A Perfect Day

Kevin Capon

03/06/14 to 15/06/14

Kevin Capon is an artist that uses photography to unravel particularities and conflicts in the pursuit of image-making. His oeuvre builds toward an enigmatic archive that describes human anxieties and the fading glory of modernity. Household objects and awkward figures become examples to illustrate noteworthy familial and societal phenomena. These themes are explored with a deadpan studio aesthetic that falls in the spectrum between commercial product and highly composed snapshot.

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New Work

Damien Kurth

13/05/14 to 01/06/14

For all the expansion of the field of painting, and in spite of the rejection of medium specificity as a formal qualifier, painters like Damien Kurth find themselves returning to the studio, and to paint itself, as a way of working through the problems of image-making and representation. His work draws on the realist tradition of the still life, but its intended effect goes much further than depiction and recognition. Instead, Kurth uses the cliché of the still life on canvas to manifest a new kind of painterly subjectivity – a reflexive way of looking and thinking, which is particular to painting in the present.

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This is not imagination

29/04/14 to 11/05/14

Sian Torrington works in a range of media, using using new and found materials to build, draw and sculpt; and writing at the same time. She explores the nature of lived experience through a queer body, and uses a metaphorical, abstract language of experiment.

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Past time is future time

Alan Pearson

08/04/14 to 27/04/14

Neo-Expressionist Alan Pearson has become one of the defining figures of New Zealand art history. In spite of his strident individualism and idiosyncratic values, which have provided a source of motivation throughout his career, his uniquely expressive and insightful work has brought him well-deserved attention and acclaim.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

25/03/14 to 06/04/14

Liam Gerrard's image-making strategy cleverly creates absolute perfection. But his intent is to taint perfection in ways we can’t quite finger. He underpins beauty and death through a marriage of Gothic darkness and pop-icon stellar-brightness that totally munts up the readings of his extensive visual vocabulary.

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White Out

John Oxborough

11/03/14 to 23/03/14

John Oxborough explores genres such as landscape, still life and figure painting, the keystones of Western art. Most specifically he holds a significant place in New Zealand’s rich tradition of landscape painting, working from an Expressionist approach as well as an analytical one.

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Making the Scene

Kate van der Drift, Jessica Catchpole, Joe Jowitt, Joe Prisk, Justine Singing Moon and Rosanna Smith

25/02/14 to 09/03/14

Making the Scene presents the work of a group of emerging artists on the cusp of breaking into the elusive ‘scene.’ This is a unique opportunity to view the work of an upcoming generation of New Zealand contemporary artists.

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Half Light

Andrew Barns Graham

11/02/14 to 23/02/14

The work of Andrew Barns-Graham continues to provide us with an intoxicating contradiction. Are we meant to love, loathe or pity his subjects? Compositionally their immediacy confronts and confounds us. They dominate the foreground and their haughtiness combined with an undertone of vulnerability fuels our curiosity and keeps us looking and wanting to know more.

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Notable Outcomes

21/01/14 to 09/02/14

In Notable Outcomes, Will Handley’s first exhibition since 2011, the artist presents a series of high-relief collages, in a distinctive pop-influenced media approach that blends sculpture with painting. With his collation of symbols, the artist creates visual hints and suggestions, while deliberately obscuring definitive elements, to create physical and metaphorical space for his narratives to be interpreted.

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Group Show

10/12/13 to 19/01/14

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, Advent 2013 offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery in 2014.

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