Martin Selman

26/11/13 to 08/12/13

Martin Selman’s work poses a challenge to the way we appreciate marble as a material. He takes this expensive stone that is steeped in historical connotation and makes it modern. He liberates Carrara marble from the burden of its history, and undermines tradition by his choice to craft trash from this costly rock.

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Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

12/11/13 to 24/11/13

"Japanese artists Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara work both together and separately … Recently they have begun to collaborate, combining their different approaches to create an exquisite series of works that they have called 'Hikari' (Light), a metaphor for the revelation implicit in taking a mutual journey." - Helen Kedgley, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at Pataka Museum

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Give me the light

Josephine Cachemaille

29/10/13 to 10/11/13

In her darkly funny installations Josephine Cachemaille combines the earthy aesthetics of 1970s home craft projects with the earnest, aspirational language of the self-help industry.

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The Law of Unintended Consequences

Linda Holloway

08/10/13 to 27/10/13

An initial encounter with Linda Holloway’s Anomie paintings might suggest that they are directly accessible through a familiar iconography centred upon the art and literature of Western civilisation. Panoramic landscapes viewed from on-high, populated by diminutive figures on a voyage or quest to somewhere else.

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New Work

Clare Kim with Alan Ibell

24/09/13 to 06/10/13

A two person exhibition, featuring new work from Clare Kim and Alan Ibell.

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Under 5s: Works for new collectors all under $5,000

Group Show

03/09/13 to 22/09/13

As part of our New Collector Series, Under 5s is an exhibition of stand-out works, all under $5,000.

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'The Artists' Book Launch Exhibition

Group Show

20/08/13 to 01/09/13

The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art c. 2013-2015 is the continuation of the The Artists series, past editions of which has been given a “nine out of ten” and lauded as “beautifully produced” (Barbara Sullivan, Northern Advocate, 2009) as well as deemed as “... a great service to the public and a major contribution to New Zealand art history.” (Warwick Brown, The Listener, 2011)

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Ray Haydon

30/07/13 to 18/08/13

Ray Haydon responds intuitively to space, creating works of refinement and precision. His pieces retain a lyricism and freedom of line that belie the emphasis on technical process and exactitude which go into their making.

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The Strings

Yoshiko Nakahara

16/07/13 to 28/07/13

The intricate drawings of Yoshiko Nakahara juxtapose a sense of rigorous activity with a calm, pattern-based technique. The complexity of her compositions inspires a mood of introspective contemplation that is both unexpected and immediate.

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Bubble Boy

Cruz Jimenez

25/06/13 to 14/07/13

There is much art in the world that claims to deal with the great binaries – life and death, light and dark. Arguably, every artist (and every person) engages with this discourse, as these fundamental oppositional pairings are the great basics of life, and of art. The more difficult task, though, is to address these in a way that does not strike fear into those who view the works: a task Cruz Jimenez succeeds at compellingly.

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Peripheral Fantom Index

Young Sun Han

05/06/13 to 23/06/13

In Peripheral Fantom Index, Korean-American artist Young Sun Han demonstrates his continued concern with his personal history and the context of his origins, particularly his North Korean connection. Current news stories coming out of the region serve to amplify Han’s fascination with the ancestors who continue to haunt him. Using found photographs from family albums as well as internet sources YouTube and Instagram, Han seeks to evoke the spirits of the past in order to process and exorcise them.

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Damien Kurth

21/05/13 to 02/06/13

Damien Kurth’s paintings explore modes of visual perception and interpretation, drawing on traditional painting practices to defy accepted conventions of the still life. Rejecting the stereotypical subject matter, images and iconography of the European still life, Kurth takes a counter-historical approach to the social and cultural parameters of still life painting.

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Newmarket Gallery opens Tuesday 21 May

with exhibition from Damien Kurth

14/05/13 to 19/05/13

Sanderson Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the opening of their new main gallery at Osborne Lane, 2 Kent Street, Newmarket. The gallery officially opens at 5.30pm on Tuesday 21 May with Damien Kurth's exhibition 'Duplex', together with a group show of major new work from the gallery's represented artists.

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New Work

Michael Hawksworth and Alan Ibell

30/04/13 to 19/05/13

Presenting new bodies of work from Michael Hawksworth and Alan Ibell.

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Twiggy Considered as a Gestalt System

PJ Paterson

16/04/13 to 28/04/13

In this series P J Paterson playfully utilises images of iconic 1960s model Twiggy to explore the ideas of appropriation and artistic property first examined by the Pop Artists.

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John Oxborough

02/04/13 to 14/04/13

Landscape continues John Oxborough’s study of representation and perception, using the landscape as a means to explore the function and meaning of memory. Two distinct series are depicted in the exhibition; one drawn from the artist’s early years as a painter in Dunedin, and the other from his current life in Auckland's North Shore. These landscapes read as fragmented recollections from a half-forgotten past; transformed by the nuances, deviations and inconsistencies of memory.

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Simon Kaan

15/03/13 to 31/03/13

Art’s agency within cultural revival is central to Kaan’s understanding of his position as an artist. Kaan possesses a refined visual language developed over decades, intrinsically tied to his sense of personal genealogy being of Ngai Tahu and Chinese descent. His practice considers the implications of the intermingling of the Kai Tahu and Chinese elements of his heritage, through iconography and processes of making. In a practice that includes painting, printmaking and performance, Kaan is concerned with identity, and with the physical and metaphysical notions of space and time.

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Studio Raids

Group Show

05/03/13 to 13/03/13

ONLY A SELECTION OF WORK IS VIEWABLE ONLINE - VISIT THE EXHIBITION TO SEE ALL WORK. Ever wondered what goes on in an artist's studio? We've raided the studios of 16 of our artists to bring you unusual, experimental and rare works that might not otherwise have made it to the gallery.

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Ben Foster

12/02/13 to 03/03/13

Ben Foster’s latest work includes large-format kinetic sculptures and new figurative geometric works, demonstrating the artist’s two key approaches to his current practice. While abstract kinetic works represent Foster’s ongoing interest in Minimalist aesthetics and organic forms, figurative sculptures indicate a playful departure for the artist as he explores the manipulation of familiar animal forms.

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Pink & White

Candi Dentice

22/01/13 to 10/02/13

The vast silica slopes of Otukapuarangi and Te Tarata, the Pink and White Terraces of Lake Rotomahana, were once an international tourist attraction dubbed the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'. Thought to have been completely destroyed by the eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886, part of the Terraces were rediscovered by a group of New Zealand scientists in 2011; buried in sediment but still intact. Candi Dentice was invited to observe scientists in the subsequent project which mapped the Terraces, an experience which culminated in the unique body of work presented in Pink & White.

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Advent 2012

Group Show

04/12/12 to 20/01/13

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, Advent 2012 offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery in 2013. With more works to be added as they arrive in the gallery.

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