Andrew Barns Graham

13/11/12 to 02/12/12

A preoccupation with the notion of ideal beauty fuels the painting practice of Andrew Barns-Graham. His work questions historical notions of beauty and a contemporary fixation on the cult of perfection.

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Brit Bunkley, Josephine Cachemaille, Jonathan Cameron, Kevin Capon, Matt Coyle, Catherine Ellis, James R Ford, Liam Gerrard, Clare Kim and Clinton Phillips

30/10/12 to 11/11/12

Just in time for Halloween, this group show is concerned with the objects of fear, paranoia, aversions, and desires.

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Brit Bunkley, Antony Densham, Simon Kaan, Philip Madill, Briar Mark and PJ Paterson

16/10/12 to 28/10/12

The proliferation of technology dominates almost every aspect of our lives; Nomophobia presents the work of six artists working with technology as a thematic concern. Borrowing and embracing imagery and techniques from digital media, these artists offer critique for the disconnection from direct experience brought about by a society increasingly reliant on digital models.

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C6 - New Kinetic Work

Ray Haydon

25/09/12 to 14/10/12

The movement of line through space is the motivating force behind the work of sculptor Ray Haydon. His works express a sense of effortlessness and vitality that belies the rigorous process of their making, and their often immense physical presence. New kinetic work in carbon fibre presented in C6 – which borrows its title from the chemical symbol for carbon – demonstrates Haydon’s intuitive response to space and his notable commitment to development and experimentation within his practice.

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Every Thing Ever Wanted

Clare Kim

04/09/12 to 23/09/12

The intensely detailed, hand-drawn work of Clare Kim consists of tightly-rendered lines of text used to create figurative objects and abstract forms. Her pieces explore the nature of spiritual and cultural narrative and the transformation of textual information in a fine art context.

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The March of Time

Alan Pearson

14/08/12 to 02/09/12

“In the abstract works the figures represent the musicality of change, the spirit in existence…” The March of Time brings together works from iconic Neo-expressionist artist Alan Pearson, created between 1985 and 1995.

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Symmetry, Repetition & Noise

PJ Paterson

17/07/12 to 05/08/12

PJ Paterson’s work is centred on the politics of progress, offering a critique of the power structures and technologies that define contemporary life. Incorporating painting, photography and printmaking as well as a range of new media practices, Paterson’s work challenges cultural aesthetics by reframing familiar imagery in unexpected ways.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

03/07/12 to 15/07/12

Liam Gerrard takes subjects from the fringe of modern society and throws them under a harsh spotlight. In his monumentally-scaled realistic charcoal portraits, every feature and flaw is exposed, no matter how unflattering or malignant. Through this process, Gerrard is able to call attention to the buried absurdities of contemporary and historical conceptions of beauty.

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Ten Years

Group Show

26/06/12 to 01/07/12

A group show marking the ten year anniversary of Sanderson Contemporary Art, Ten Years celebrates a decade in the history of the gallery.

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On Building Houses

John Oxborough

12/06/12 to 24/06/12

John Oxborough's new work centres around the notion of childhood and the nature of memory. Although drawn from the artist's present and day-to-day life, his figurative paintings appears as fragmented recollections from a half-forgotten past.

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Linda Holloway

22/05/12 to 10/06/12

Linda Holloway’s paintings are aesthetic evolutions based on notions of language, semiotics and psychology. The nature of thought and the operation of the human mind are central themes throughout her work, borne out in visually distinctive ways.

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Electric Zoo

Paul Martinson

08/05/12 to 20/05/12

An abiding interest in the surreal and the symbolic has seen Paul Martinson shift away from realism in search of a style that expresses the poetry of the human mind. Electric Zoo demonstrates the artist’s personal, liberal approach to painting that allows a free flow of imagery and ideas, while retaining the drawing-based figurative style which has persisted throughout his career as a painter.

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Then and Now

Cruz Jimenez

24/04/12 to 06/05/12

The recent work of Cruz Jimenez demonstrates not only a conceptual boldness but a profound sensitivity to nuance and subtlety, exploring notions of the spiritual and metaphysical in a highly expressive and evocative manner. Previously working in mixed-media painting and sculpture, Jimenez’s new painting extends his style in a striking minimal direction that embraces both his painterly style and conceptual concerns.

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New Work

Damien Kurth

10/04/12 to 22/04/12

Damien Kurth’s paintings explore modes of visual perception and interpretation, drawing on traditional painting practices to defy accepted conventions of the still life. Rejecting the stereotypical subject matter, images and iconography of the European still life, Kurth takes a counter-historical approach to the social and cultural parameters of still life painting.

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Shintaro Nakahara

27/03/12 to 08/04/12

Nakahara paints his boldly coloured forms against a flat monochromatic background, shifting the focus to the surface of the image and the interplay of colours upon it. The use of gloss coating and acrylic paints, coupled with a highly-refined painting technique, creates a digitally-processed look to the work, again connecting traditional Japanese content with Pop Art aesthetics.

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Sculpture & Object

Group show

06/03/12 to 25/03/12

Exploring the lines between sculpture, installation and object, this show calls together three-dimensional works from a selection of artists.

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Antony Densham, Catherine Ellis, Wendy Kawabata, Clare Kim, Charlotte Nancy and Alexandra Odelle

21/02/12 to 04/03/12

Restraint focuses on artists who eschew notions of 'free,' expressive or gestural techniques in favour of rigorous, often repetitive and highly time-consuming methods to create their works. This attention to detail suggests a devotion to process and demands scrutiny from the viewer in return.

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I Can Change

Josephine Cachemaille

07/02/12 to 19/02/12

Josephine Cachemaille uses ruminations on insecurity, anxiety and personal psychology to describe collective shared conditions and experiences. I Can Change demonstrates Cachemaille’s diverse practice; whether through figurative painting or three-dimensional work, she remains interested in the tensions between the personal and the universal, the individual and the collective. .

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Point of Reference

Tracey Walker

24/01/12 to 05/02/12

Tracey Walker’s practice deals with the division between landscape and urbanscape, lamenting the loss of natural environments through the artificial divisions created by human imposition on the land. She depicts the unique nature of a New Zealand landscape under threat of extinction by insensitive or excessive development.

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Advent 2011

Group Show

20/12/11 to 22/01/12

ADVENT 2011 Features exciting new work from our stable of artists, offering a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery in 2012. A NOTE ON CHRISTMAS HOURS: We have resumed our normal trading from 4th January 2012.

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