Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

22/11/11 to 04/12/11

Japanese artists Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara work both together and separately … Recently they have begun to collaborate, combining their different approaches to create an exquisite series of works that they have called 'Hikari', a metaphor for the revelation implicit in taking a mutual journey. - Helen Kedgley, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at Pataka Museum

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Martin Selman

01/11/11 to 20/11/11

Martin Selman’s work transforms the ancient material of marble into contemporary sculptures that reference and challenge art historical traditions. His exclusive use of Carrara marble places him firmly in the contested area between the traditional and the contemporary.

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Variations on the Figure

Alan Pearson

11/10/11 to 30/10/11

'Variations on the Figure' focuses on iconic artist Alan Pearson's explorations of figurative form through his neo-expressionist painting. Featuring new paintings alongside earlier, never-before-exhibited pieces from the studio archive, this show displays a spectrum of figure-based renderings - from abstraction through to expressionistic realism - from one of New Zealand's most respected painters.

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Locale - Artists respond to concepts of place

Various artists

27/09/11 to 09/10/11

'Locale' brings together a group of artists utilising concepts of location or place in their work. Rather than seeking obvious connections to solely physical concerns, 'Locale' develops unexpected and diverse linkages to various interpretations of place across the work of the participating artists. Locale is presented alongside Matt Moriarty's 'Bone Park' exhibition in the courtyard space of the gallery.

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Ted Dutch (1928 2008)

13/09/11 to 25/09/11

'Retrotech' examines the presence of technology in Ted Dutch’s oeuvre; his fascination with objects, devices and machinery evident in his highly stylized, colourful and humorous responses to the anxieties of the twentieth century.

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Ray Haydon

23/08/11 to 11/09/11

Sculptor Ray Haydon’s unique exploitation of materials seeks to uncover the evocative properties of the movement of line through space. Zenith presents work which is rhythmic, improvisational and free, expressing a sense of effortlessness and vitality that belies the immense physical presence of his sculptures.

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12 Walls

Group Show

09/08/11 to 21/08/11

12 Walls, an evolving exhibition to support Sanderson Contemporary Art's stand at the Auckland Art Fair from 4 - 11 August 2011, is presented together with the launch of The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art c. 2011 - 2013.

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Auckland Art Fair

Group Show

04/08/11 to 06/08/11

Visit our stand at New Zealand's premier contemporary art event, along with 40 leading galleries from across New Zealand and abroad. 4-7 August 2011, Viaduct Events Centre Halsey Street Auckland

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New Work

Candi Dentice

12/07/11 to 31/07/11

Environmental messages and social commentary are presented through the whimsical yet confronting tableaux of Candi Dentice. Exquisitely rendered landscapes form a backdrop for the surreal and symbolic subjects of her paintings, which deal with the costs of economic expansion and consumerism.

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Yoshiko Nakahara

28/06/11 to 10/07/11

Entitled Metronome, Nakahara’s new exhibition explores the musicality of her drawings. Rhythm and movement are evoked through the repetition of lines and patterns, while dynamics are suggested through their careful layering and arrangement.

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Andrew Barns Graham

07/06/11 to 26/06/11

The search for ideal feminine beauty remains the driving force behind the painting practice of Andrew Barns-Graham, whose new show, Venus, takes Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus as a starting point for his own investigation of contemporary notions of beauty and glamour.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

17/05/11 to 29/05/11

Liam Gerrard takes subjects from the fringe of modern society and throws them under a harsh spotlight. In his monumentally-scaled realistic portraits, every feature and flaw is exposed, no matter how unflattering or malignant.

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Damien Kurth

03/05/11 to 15/05/11

Damien Kurth’s paintings explore modes of visual perception and interpretation, drawing on traditional painting practices to defy accepted conventions of the still life. Rejecting the stereotypical subject matter, images and iconography of the European still life, Kurth takes a counter-historical approach to the social and cultural parameters of still life painting.

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PJ Paterson

12/04/11 to 01/05/11

PJ Paterson's new work readdresses the concept of his earlier Holy Roman Empire series, centring on the notion of obsolescence and decay in contemporary society.

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One and the Other

Cruz Jimenez

29/03/11 to 10/04/11

Cruz Jimenez’s new work is defined by duality--the tensions between self and other, soul and body, life and death. His work, however, turns away from bold expression, favouring a more reflexive, subtle approach.

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N.O.W. (No Other Way)

15/03/11 to 27/03/11

Will Handley's latest work explores the relationship between iconography, semiotics and representation. His works examine the transformation of meaning, taking common, recognizable objects and distorting their significance through the process of art-making.

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Found: Documenting person, place and object in contemporary photography

Caryline Boreham, Kevin Capon, Paul Hartigan and Jane Zusters

01/03/11 to 13/03/11

OPEN 6PM-MIDNIGHT for White Night, Saturday 12th March 2011. Contemporary photography has found itself increasingly concerned with the meaning of reality and representation, and photography's position within an art historical context that has seen a shift away from inert image-recording towards conscious, stylised image-making.

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Ben Foster

15/02/11 to 27/02/11

Ben Foster’s sculpture synthesizes Minimalist art practices and philosophies with a familiar Regionalist aesthetic. Foster’s forms, sinuous, flowing and monumental in scale, are motivated by the sublime land- and seascapes of Kaikoura, where the artist’s studio is set.

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New Work

John Oxborough

01/02/11 to 13/02/11

John Oxborough's works are charged and expressive, generating a complex web of visual information from the mere suggestion of form. His new work centres around the notion of childhood and the nature of memory. Although drawn from the artist's present and day-to-day life, his figurative paintings appears as fragmented recollections from a half-forgotten past.

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Advent 2010

Christmas Group Exhibition

14/12/10 to 30/01/11

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to present our Summer Exhibition for 2010/2011 - Advent. Featuring a range of work from our stable of artists, this show indicates what's in store at the gallery for 2011. Sanderson Gallery will be closed on Monday 31st January, Auckland Anniversay Day, and will re-open on Tuesday 1st of February, for our normal business hours.

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