Martin Selman

23/11/10 to 12/12/10

Martin Selman’s Sculpture explores the possibilities of marble as a contemporary medium. With his tender renderings of quirky subjects, Selman transforms the 'everyday' nature of contemporary objects, while challenging the initial aesthetic assumptions of the viewer.

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Anah Dunsheath

09/11/10 to 21/11/10

Anah Dunsheath’s inaugural show at Sanderson Contemporary Art, Contxt, exhibits souped up, high glam and sexy works. Blending realism with surrealism, the flashy with the understated Dunsheath’s shimmering, theatrical works utilise minimal forms with maximum impact.

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Shintaro Nakahara

26/10/10 to 07/11/10

Shintaro Nakahara’s work derives from ancient Japanese calligraphic traditions. He reinterprets age-old practices in a pop-influenced way, aligning the ancient forms with contemporary culture - working with iridescent colour and highly-refined painted surfaces.

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Timothy Chapman, Clara Chon, Liam Gerrard, Alex Hoyles, Matt Molloy, Michelle Osborne, TrustMe, Alissa West

12/10/10 to 24/10/10

Part of our development programme, Springtide will feature 8 emerging artists in a show that provides a unique opportunity to view the work of an upcoming generation of New Zealand contemporary artists. Works will be diverse in theme as well as media - from photography, to light sculpture, to large-scale charcoal drawings, to an animatronic cat. Co-curated between Gallery Director Kylie Sanderson and Matt Molloy.

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Featuring over 25 of our artists

05/10/10 to 10/10/10

Have you ever felt that art collecting was an unobtainable dream? The preserve of the super-rich? Something you'd love to do but never dreamed you could? Then Sanderson has the exhibition for you. Grand, a 5-day exhibition opening on Tuesday 5th October, will showcase art works all priced at $1,000 and under.

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Paul Martinson

14/09/10 to 03/10/10

Paul Martinson’s most recent work has a Gothic sensibility evoking concepts like death, evolution and mysticism. This aspect of the work derives in part from Martinson’s singular ability to paint light with a salient edge which is at once dark, brooding and ominous.

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Ray Haydon

24/08/10 to 12/09/10

Ray Haydon is a vocational artist whose practice continues to develop in fresh ingenious ways. The work in his upcoming exhibition Superstructure maintains an immaculate sense of proportion together with an ongoing investigation of space, light and form.

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Love, Speed and Death

Damien Kurth with Andrew Barns Graham and PJ Paterson

10/08/10 to 22/08/10

Love, Speed and Death shows the response of 3 artists to popular culture from the world of motorcycle racing. The phrase ‘love, speed and death’ (reminiscent of the title of the motorcycle documentary film Love, Speed and Loss) was used by artist Damien Kurth in a discussion explaining his interest in painting still life work that focuses on components from motorcycles.

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Long Story

Yoshiko Nakahara

27/07/10 to 08/08/10

Yoshiko Nakahara’s work in Long Story is the most complex arrangement of ideas and forms produced to date by the artist, executed with Nakahara’s customary finesse. An obsessive attention to the detail of minute forms produces Nakahara’s singular aesthetic and a quirky point of view which those familiar with her practice will recognise at once.

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Matt Coyle, Candi Dentice, Liam Gerrard, Michael Hawksworth, Hannah Jensen, Cruz Jimenez, Susanne Kerr, Clare Kim, Damien Kurth, Julie Ross, Katherine Wilkin Slaney

06/07/10 to 25/07/10

Scrutiny features 11 emerging artists working in highly-detailed intricate ways. Although employing a variety of media and techniques to convey their subject, the over-riding aesthetic and concept behind the selection of artists is that their works invite scrutiny for one reason or another.

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New Work

Josephine Cachemaille

22/06/10 to 04/07/10

Josephine Cachemaille’s exhibition of new work looks critically at positive psychology and the impact that “fraudulent maxims” have on current thinking and culture.

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Black Out

Gina Jones

08/06/10 to 20/06/10

Light artist Gina Jones has opted for drama of a different kind to showcase the works in her solo exhibition Black Out. For the duration of the show, gallery space at Sanderson Contemporary Art will be entirely “blacked out”. Viewers will experience a space in which the only light source is the luminous glow of Jones' LED light works.

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See You In New Zealand

Mark Ussher

18/05/10 to 06/06/10

In his forthcoming exhibition See You in New Zealand, Mark Ussher continues to peel back the layers of recent culture and history to reveal a singular view of New Zealand society.

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Con Brio

Alan Pearson

27/04/10 to 16/05/10

Alan Pearson's painted surfaces can be read as a literal evocation of music, dance and rhythm in the way paint is applied in bold over-lapping strokes, sometimes grid-like and sometimes free and expressive but always with an underlying sense of tempo.

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Iphigenia at Ilium and other stories

PJ Paterson

06/04/10 to 25/04/10

PJ Paterson’s latest exhibition, 'Iphigenia at Ilium and other stories', focuses on exploitation, gender roles and the place of narrative and art in reflecting societal values.

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Andrew Barns Graham

16/03/10 to 04/04/10

'Still' furthers Andrew Barns-Graham's exporation of the ideals and desires promoted by Western society’s obsession with the cult of celebrity - beauty, glamour, perfect bodies and the latest fashion - through altered depictions of movie stills from various periods in cinematic history.

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150 x 150 x 150

24 of our fabulous artists!

09/03/10 to 14/03/10

Sanderson Contemporary Art’s next show will leave behind ticket prices in the thousands. All works will be for sale for just at $150 each; and each work is the same size at 150mm x 150mm. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WORKS FROM '150' ARE NOT VIEWABLE ON LINE.

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Group Exhibition

16/02/10 to 07/03/10

Sanderson Contemporary Art’s exhibition BOUNCY reinterprets ideas influenced by both Pop Art and Modernism while using iconography or materials drawn from the here-and-now.

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The Remembrance of Things Past

John Papas

26/01/10 to 14/02/10

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of David Exley. In John Papas’ latest show The Remembrance of Things Past the artist further establishes his authority as a visual poet, blending universal themes around cultural and cyclical rhythms with historical and biblical associations. He effortlessly links an ancient past with a very real present and imminent future.

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Advent 2009

Christmas Group Exhibition

08/12/09 to 24/01/10

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to present our Summer Exhibition for 2009/2010 - Advent. Featuring a range of work from our stable of artists, this show indicates what's in store at the gallery for 2010. Over Christmas, Sanderson Gallery will be closed from 24th December 2009, re-opening January 4th 2010.

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