Martin Selman

17/11/09 to 06/12/09

Sculpture from Martin Selman is loaded with cultural symbols that transform the 'everyday' nature of contemporary objects, while challenging the initial aesthetic assumptions of the viewer. With his tender renderings of quirky subjects, Selman generates paradoxical works that contrast notions of softness and hardness; matt and shine; the ethereal and the monumental.

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Candi Dentice

27/10/09 to 15/11/09

Candi Dentice creates visually engaging paintings with powerful environmental messages. Her works combine symbols and objects in unconventional ways within refined, highly detailed tableaux. Compositions are playful, whimsical and strongly narrative with emblematic references to contemporary society.

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A Freudian Slip

Paul Martinson

06/10/09 to 25/10/09

Throughout his lifetime as a painter, Paul Martinson has based his art practice around his love and commitment to drawing, both conceptually and from life. This underlying aspect of his work, in combination with an enduring interest in biology, conservation and environmental issues, became the catalyst for paintings of birdlife for which he is known both locally and internationally.

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Peter Bromhead

22/09/09 to 04/10/09

This important retrospective exhibition will provide the Auckland public with a unique opportunity to purchase an historic part of New Zealand’s social history, recorded through the eyes of one of the nation’s most respected and awarded cartoonists, Peter Bromhead.

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For What it's Worth

A selection of our gallery artists featuring major works by Ray Haydon

15/09/09 to 20/09/09

This is an exhibition dedicated to exploring questions about the worth of art. We are putting the onus on YOU the collector to determine the value of the art works on display.

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Linda Holloway

25/08/09 to 13/09/09

Linda Holloway's paintings evolve through intuition, consideration and contemplation during the long process of their making.

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'Advance' / 'self help'

Ray Haydon w. Josephine Cachemaille

04/08/09 to 23/08/09

Sanderson Gallery will present two exhibitions from 4th-23rd August. The main gallery will host 'Advance' from Ray Haydon while our courtyard space will house 'self help' from Josephine Cachemaille. Ray Haydon responds intuitively to space, creating works of refinement and precision. His pieces retain a lyricism and freedom of line that belie the emphasis on technical process and exactitude which go into their making.

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Andrew Barns Graham

14/07/09 to 02/08/09

The paradoxical nature of aspiring to the impossible is the focus of Andrew Barns-Graham’s latest body of work. His oeuvre reflects the ideals and desires promoted by Western society’s obsession with the cult of celebrity - beauty, glamour, perfect bodies and the latest fashion.

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Reclining with Red

John Oxborough

23/06/09 to 12/07/09

John Oxborough’s painting practice is centred around his devout exploration of the human figure. His works are charged and expressive, generating a complex web of visual information from the mere suggestion of form.

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Holy Roman Empire

PJ Paterson

02/06/09 to 21/06/09

PJ Paterson uses gritty renderings of urban spaces to create vivid depictions of society's decaying edges. His process involves collecting images that resonate with him then collating, ordering and transforming this base matter to establish patterns and meanings.

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Yoshiko and Shintaro Nakahara

12/05/09 to 31/05/09

Yoshiko and Shintaro Nakahara are a diminutive husband and wife team of Japanese descent who produce unique, highly detailed collaborative artworks. Their forthcoming exhibition entitled Hikari, which means “light, is a metaphor for the revelations explicit or implicit in the taking of a mutual journey.

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A group exhibition to support our stand at the Auckland Art Fair 2009

28/04/09 to 10/05/09

Join us at a Showcase of our artists at the gallery to accompany our stand at the Auckland Art Fair on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May 2009.

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Tracey Walker

07/04/09 to 26/04/09

“Many of my artworks are concerned with developmental chaos, a consequence of the thoughtless subdivision of the New Zealand landscape. The image of the barcode and associated numbers are abstractly incorporated to represent New Zealand being divided."

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Josephine Cachemaille, Gina Jones, Will Handley, Ray Haydon and Linda Holloway

17/03/09 to 05/04/09

Scale showcases the work of five artists who collectively investigate various nuances inherent in the word “scale”. The realms these artists enter range from visible to invisible, the psychological to the physical and from massive to minute.

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150 x 150 x 150 Group Exhibition

20 of our fabulous artists!

10/03/09 to 15/03/09

Sanderson Contemporary Art’s next show will leave behind ticket prices in the thousands. All works will be for sale for just at $150 each; and each work is the same size at 150mm x 150mm. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WORKS FROM '150' ARE NOT VIEWABLE ON LINE.

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The Remembrance of Things Past

John Papas

17/02/09 to 08/03/09

John Papas’ new exhibition entitled The Remembrance of Things Past, incorporates a series of works which are the result of his deep reflection on life. By drawing from both his personal artistic history and life journeys, Papas presents a vast collection of memories for a viewer to experience.

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Life and Work

Ted Dutch (1928 2008)

27/01/09 to 15/02/09

To present a comprehensive exhibition to reflect the life and work of an artist such as Ted Dutch is a daunting task. In Life and Work pieces have been selected to highlight the diversity of inspiration and practice and to reflect Dutch’s success as an artist across a range of media - painter, printmaker and ceramicist.

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2008 Christmas Group Exhibition


09/12/08 to 25/01/09

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to introduce our annual Christmas Exhibition for 2008 - Advent. Featuring 24 artists. ‘Advent’ will be showing until January 25th 2009. Please note we will be open sporadically between Dec 26th and Jan 11th. The gallery will resume its normal opening hours on Monday, January 12th. For enquiries...

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