New Zealand Sculpture

Martin Selman

18/11/08 to 07/12/08

At a time when much of what we consume as art is ephemeral, fleeting or impermanent due to the increasing presence of installation and video art, Hawke's Bay sculptor Martin Selman’s work is refreshingly solid.

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Metaphors 1987 - 1990

Alan Pearson

28/10/08 to 16/11/08

Alan Pearson is one of New Zealand’s greatest Neo-Expressionists. As a full time artist for forty years with significant representation in major public collections around the country, his importance to New Zealand art and art history cannot be overstated. Metaphors 1987 - 1990 at Sanderson Contemporary Art will open on Tuesday 28th October and run through to October 16.

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New Work

Candi Dentice

07/10/08 to 26/10/08

Candi Dentice creates visually engaging paintings with powerful environmental messages. Her latest exhibition combines symbols and objects in unconventional ways within refined, highly detailed New Zealand landscapes.Her compositions are playful and whimsical narratives filled with references to contemporary society. Candi's exhibition runs from the 7th of October to the 26th of October 2008.

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Everything and No Thing

Linda Holloway

16/09/08 to 05/10/08

Linda Holloway seeks to mine personal and universal truths and translate these concepts to the surface of her paintings. The artist views her work as being concerned with connections - of our ideas and our relationships. Everything & No Thing runs until the 5th of October.

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Ray Haydon

26/08/08 to 14/09/08

Ray Haydon’s exhibition Current, opening August 26th and running until Sunday the 14th of September, will showcase some of the most innovative and complex work the sculptor has produced to date.

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Among the Shadows

Cruz Jimenez

05/08/08 to 24/08/08

In Cruz Jimenez’s latest exhibition Among the Shadows the artist adds grist to the mill by exploring the themes of despair, love, death and joy. These are extremes that I seek to capture. It is here “among the shadows” of thoughts and action that I discover a life line of light that comforts me in this gloom.

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New Work

John Oxborough

15/07/08 to 03/08/08

In his latest exhibition entitled New Work, John Oxborough continues to develop the relationship between his subject matter and the formal aspects of painting such as colour, line and form. Oxborough draws attention to the visceral, sensual and hidden aspects of the body only to shroud them in the mystery of painting itself.

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The Fight of the Month

Mark Ussher

24/06/08 to 13/07/08

In his latest exhibition Fight of the Month Mark Ussher creates art for our time by manipulating decades old “second hand images appropriated from popular entertainment and mass media advertising.” At the centre of all Ussher’s work is the idea of appropriation which is a concept central to the Pop Art movement of the 1960’s, and a movement

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The Passage Between

Andrew Barns Graham

03/06/08 to 22/06/08

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of ‘A Passage Between’, a new solo exhibition of paintings by Andrew Barns-Graham.   Developed from his previous obsessions with the face, Barns-Graham’s new works introduce flawless, full length depictions of women placed in vast open landscapes. Based on a fictional landscape concocted

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Young Sun Han, Will Handley, PJ Paterson, Maryann Pennington and Mark Ussher

27/05/08 to 02/06/08

The 5 emerging artists in Gloss walk a paradoxical line: there is an unmistakable tension between the loaded images they convey and the lustre and attraction of the slick surfaces of their work. On one hand, each artist appears to be creating works that are all superficiality, finished as if encased in a smooth and shiny carapace and often accompanied by a kind of humour

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Universum Veraendert

Frank Wackerbarth

06/05/08 to 25/05/08

International German artist Frank Wackerbarth is back for his 3rd New Zealand exhibition, ‘Universum Verändert’. Having shown in both Switzerland and Italy earlier in the year, Wackerbarth is pleased to return to the more casual pace of Auckland, which has come to occupy a special place in his heart. Working daily in a local studio, he has produced a series

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Material World

Johnny Turner

15/04/08 to 04/05/08

Wellington sculptor Johnny Turner shows deft touches and simple classical ingenuity in his latest exhibition Material World. Turner works with volcanic and metamorphic rock (formed from intense pressure and heat over thousands of years), which initially form as a soft substance to become more refined over time. His stones are at once pure and condensed to an immense

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Jane Mitchell

25/03/08 to 13/04/08

 Jane Mitchell’s sense of what is beautiful is unconventional. It is not entirely unexpected, however, as she is an artist who sees beauty everywhere and in everything, but particularly the forms, colours and history of disused or abandoned buildings.   I use the discarded incidental details that lie around decaying and unnoticed. I paint the relationships

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Kill the Cynic

Cat Auburn, Dave Beazley, Michael Chal, Young Sun Han, Will Handley, Sam Hartnett, Sonia Keogh, Aleksandra Petrovic, Clinton Phillips,

04/03/08 to 23/03/08

‘Kill the Cynic’ brings together the works of emerging artists and recent graduates from New Zealand institutions. These artists beginning their careers in the New Zealand art scene are led by a sense of optimism, stepping onto the next foothold and entering the commercial gallery circuit, exposing themselves and their art to the public. For several of

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12/02/08 to 02/03/08

Will Handley is an avowed iconoclast. He is the archetypal “anti-artist” who likes to make a mess of things. His practice involves taking things (and ideas) apart, demolishing conventions and expectations, while saving the pieces and refashioning them to different but more relevant ends.   In re:vision Handley transforms the gallery into his

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By Man's Hand

John Papas

22/01/08 to 10/02/08

We are delighted to open our 2008 programme with the latest series of work from iconic New Zealand artist John Papas.   By Man’s Hand is Papas’ latest exploration of ecological issues in the New Zealand environment and the international arena. The artist juxtaposes classical architecture and inspirational abstractions of creative energy with delicate

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A Calendar Year

18 Sanderson Contemporary Art artists (Gallery closed 25 Dec 14 Jan)

11/12/07 to 20/01/08

Celebrate Christmas and the end of a fabulous calendar year with the team at Sanderson Contemporary Art – and get a taste of what we have planned for 2008!   A Calendar Year is a group exhibition which will reflects the current and upcoming themes being developed by 18 of our key artists. Being our final show of the year, the stunning exhibition will showcase

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