Tracey Walker

20/11/07 to 09/12/07

Tracey Walker’s debut solo exhibition with Sanderson Contemporary Art deals with the division between landscape and urbanscape, lamenting the loss of natural wholeness through the artificial divisions created by human imposition on the land.   Pieces are painted in multiple layers of acrylics and oils onto an etched aluminium substrate. Works initially appear

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150 x 150 x 150

Group Show

06/11/07 to 18/11/07

Sanderson Contemporary Art’s next show will leave behind ticket prices in the thousands.   Titled “150 x 150 x 150” our new exhibition makes use of a format widespread throughout the arts sector – works of a specified size on sale for the same price.   All works are the same format - 150mm x 150mm   All works will be

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Ray Haydon

16/10/07 to 04/11/07

Sculptor Ray Haydon possesses an enviable ability to create elegant, compelling pieces with an overall feeling of simplicity of line and purity of form across a range of sculptural media. Through an intuitive compositional skill, he creates works which appear as pared-back distillations of forms from nature. Initially working with bronze casting and stainless steel, Haydon

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New Work - Ted Dutch

Ted Dutch (1928 2008)

25/09/07 to 14/10/07

In New Work, 79-year-old artist Ted Dutch invites the viewer to take a journey through the intriguing, highly detailed landscape of the artist's imagination.   Ted Dutch's oeuvre incorporates a deliberate ambiguity, making it almost impossible to comment definitively on the narrative of his pieces - they are at once carefully constructed and highly detailed, but

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Looking Eastward to the Sea

Alan Pearson

04/09/07 to 23/09/07

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to present 'Looking Eastward to the Sea', a solo exhibition of recent work from veteran New Zealand expressionist painter Alan Pearson.   Alan Pearson's profile in New Zealand has risen substantially over the past few years - seeing his works reach record prices in private sales and auctions. Following his hugely successful exhibition

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Yoshiko Nakahara, Matt Coyle, Dave Beazley, Caryline Boreham, Martin Selman, Candi Dentice, Antony Densham, Gill Gatfield and others

14/08/07 to 02/09/07

For the first time since opening two spaces Sanderson Contemporary Art and City Art Rooms presents a single exhibition which spans across both of their Auckland galleries.   FINE showcases fresh works from young / emerging artists including 7 artists brand new to the Sanderson stable.         SERIES NOTES    “Art, in the artist,

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Reopening 14 August

06/08/07 to 13/08/07

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John Oxborough - New Work

John Oxborough

17/07/07 to 05/08/07

SERIES NOTES  “There will always be an element of the unexpected or the strange in my work, hopefully tempered with a beautiful or elegant component, whether it be a face, a belly or the joinery of a favourite couch.” The most recent work of John Oxborough focuses, as ever, on the figure and its placement in the interior environment and the landscape. Oxborough

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Andrew Barns Graham

26/06/07 to 15/07/07

“If popular culture is driven by mass media, then its recognised brand must be the face. Like advertising agents want the people in their TV commercials to be identifiable to the audience, I too want aspects of my subjects to be identifiable to the viewer. This could be some part of the subject's character, clothing or expression that relates to them or someone they

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Looking at You

Susanne Kerr

05/06/07 to 24/06/07

My thoughts… Apprehend the dirtiness of this time Self-fulfilling weak egos Of such human uncaring   Looking at You explores the idea that life - human survival - functions according to the rules of a game; with the goal being power and freedom. And like a game, people are motivated or manipulated through incentives or disincentives to do what is asked

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How To Read Signs

Linda Holloway

22/05/07 to 10/06/07

“Sometime in the 1950’s tradition dried up, and with it, the ability to ‘read the signs’…Post WW11, fresh ways of thinking emerged that looked at the traditional foundations of our culture and identified them as man-made myths, open to interpretation and change. Enthusiastic optimism was gradually replaced by dark shadows of anxiety

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Lost Occasions

Cruz Jimenez

01/05/07 to 20/05/07

Lost Occasions

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Into the Vista

Sam Hartnett

17/04/07 to 30/04/07

Sam Hartnett’s photography depicts people and areas that sit on the margins, outside of what is ‘common’ or ‘normal’, but which can still be found in the realm of the everyday. His photographs deal with perception and the potential for the line between illusion and reality to change depending on perspective.

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Ted Dutch Tribute Show

Ted Dutch, Dave Beazley and Simon Ormerod

27/03/07 to 16/04/07

In the ‘Ted Dutch Tribute Show’ two up and coming artists pay homage to a unique New Zealand artist. Presenting the work of Dave Beazley and Simon Ormerod for the first time at Sanderson Gallery, ‘Tribute’ invites viewers to trace the influence and inspiration iconic artist Ted Dutch has provided to succeeding generations. Recent Unitec graduate

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Southern Reflection

Frank Wackerbarth

13/03/07 to 25/03/07

"I look upon my pictures as objects in a room which by means of their colours, lines and shapes can appeal to an inner world" Frank Wackerbarth, 2005 Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to present the second solo show of sculptural works from German artist Frank Wackerbarth. Following a sell-out show in 2006, Wackerbarth’s ‘Southern Reflection’,

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Jane Mitchell

13/02/07 to 04/03/07

“In my work I continue to explore divisions between civilization and the landscape. This separation results in a kind of detachment, as we create for ourselves an impression of being sheltered from the forces of nature. Many of our pursuits here are focused on multi-national industries and unadulterated materialism; nature has regressed into the background of life.”   For

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John Papas

23/01/07 to 11/02/07

Inspired by a song of the same name by a Portuguese fado singer Mariza, John Papas' most recent series, Primavera, provides a dramatic and satisfying contrast to the sweeping grandeur of his earlier works. With a mix of broad-brush abstract and delicately rendered figurative elements, Papas has created pieces which reflect a calmer more contemplative mood, one of a more

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The Very Merry Christmas Show and 'The Artists' Book Launch

Various Artists

12/12/06 to 21/01/07

A superb group show featuring collections from 16 of our most exciting artists. Curated with reference to our new book 'The Artists: A snapshot of Contemporary New Zealand Art Practice c.2007-2008' the show represents a detailed survey into the depth of talent boasted by just one gallery, revealing the unique stories of those artists - providing real insight into

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