Light Years

Scott Gardiner

07/09/21 to 03/10/21

When examining the history of Scott Gardiner’s practice it becomes obvious there are certain themes which run through out his oeuvre. Time, temporality and the search for meaning key among them.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

10/08/21 to 05/09/21

Liam Gerrard’s latest exhibition offers a contemporary take on the 17th century still life vanitas which served to remind the viewer of the fragility and transcience of life.

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Te Ha o te Marama

Simon Kaan and Wi Taepa

13/07/21 to 08/08/21

Simon Kaan’s work is discernible; contemplative landscapes with split horizon lines, inky washes of colour and reoccurring motifs have become synonymous with his name. Wi Taepa is a master of Maori clay art, with a career spanning over 30 years. Taepa is celebrated for his unique practice - his works are predominantly hand built using coil, slab or pinch pot techniques.

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In The Garden

Katherine Throne

15/06/21 to 11/07/21

Katherine Throne presents a new suite of works illustrating the surrounding gardens near the artist’s home. In the current climate of upheaval, her large canvases of rambling gardens express an undeniable sense of optimism and freedom. Painted in thick layers of oil paint, the rambling roses and tangles of wildflowers seemingly burst off the canvas and into the viewer’s space.

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Jon Tootill

18/05/21 to 13/06/21

The hero painting for Jon Tootill’s upcoming exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary is a full-spectrum colour study. Piwakawaka (2010-2020) completes a decade-long series that studies the rau, or plumage, of native birds through colour sampling. Tootill’s works act like an index, mapping colours found in nature. He selects colour using Adobe Capture, he processes those samples digitally and arranges them in combinations. Then, he creates delicate watercolours, patient studies that elicit the nuances of nature all over again

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Alan Ibell

20/04/21 to 16/05/21

In Alan Ibell’s new exhibition, the exterior world of landscape and built environment suggests a correlation with the interior worlds of the figures that inhabit it. The looming mountains of the ‘Landscape with Ascendants’ works invoke a sense of agoraphobia while the brick walls of the ‘Home’ paintings impose a contrasting claustrophobia, sensations in which the viewer is invited to share as they occupy the space of the gallery itself.

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An Implicate Order

Karyn Taylor

16/03/21 to 18/04/21

Theoretical physicist David Bohm envisioned a model of reality called “The Implicate Order” which states that there is a deeper and more fundamental order of reality. It is like an underlying field of undivided wholeness which can be unfolded into an abstraction of forms in time and space, and again be enfolded back into the whole – a continuous dance between wave and particle, material and immaterial. Karyn Taylor likens geometry to a language that has the ability to express complicated and illogical notions in simplified and logical terms. Taylor believes that geometry, along with colour, has a strong and clear energy structure which she likes to think has an imbedded coding that holds information about the true nature of reality.

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A Place To Stand

Natasha Wright

26/01/21 to 15/03/21

Natasha Wright is a New Zealand born artist based in New York. She creates large-scale paintings, which fuse figuration and abstraction. Wright explores ideas of gender, sexuality, power and aggression. Her work critiques the representation of females throughout history alongside contemporary references.

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Summer Solstice

multiple artists

08/12/20 to 25/01/21

Summer Solstice presents an artistic forecast for 2021, offering a glimpse into the exciting programme of exhibitions and events that we have in store for the next 12 months. The gallery’s programme for 2020 includes major new exhibitions from our stable, curated group shows, and exhibitions from guest artists, as well as participation at local and international art fairs. Summer Showcase brings together impressive new pieces from our stable of artists in an uplifting exhibition.

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Ray Haydon

10/11/20 to 06/12/20

Ray Haydon's 2020 exhibition Re-orient coincides with the artist's 70th birthday and his 15th year with Sanderson. This exhibition showcases Haydon's incredible craftmanship and includes both his wall sculptures, indoor/outdoor sculptures and his impressive kinetic work.

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When The Storm Ends

Brendan McGorry

13/10/20 to 08/11/20

When The Storm Ends is Brendan McGorry’s artistic and productive response to New Zealand’s COVID-afflicted lockdown. The suite of works draw on both renowned art historical work as well as Brendan’s own personal history and journey through the pandemic.

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