Brendan McGorry

20/03/18 to 08/04/18

Brendan McGorry’s practice stands firmly on a history of art cited and referenced in each of his intricately conceived paintings. In this new body of workNoir, McGorry offers the viewer an almost cinematic experience. Each of the works have interwoven elements, connected subject matter and a strongly defined palette. The viewer is immersed in this stylistic approach which acts as a reel of celluloid film flicking a repeated protagonist and fragments of a narrative.

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My Relics Not My Relics

Josephine Cachemaille

06/03/18 to 18/03/18

Josephine Cachemaille latest body of work illustrates the artist’s grapple with a collection of concerns about ownership, our psychological histories and experiences, and the capacity of the materials and objects involved in art-making processes to share authorship of the artistic output.

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People's Choice

Group Exhibition

20/02/18 to 04/03/18

People's Choice brings together the works of some of our favourite artists, as nominated by the Sanderson team.

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Tidal Ballets

Alan Pearson

23/01/18 to 18/02/18

For over sixty years British-born Alan Pearson has been one of the outstanding proponents of pure painting in New Zealand art. His work, densely complex, restlessly explorative, remains true to the ethos of Neo-Expressionism, alive with gesture, emotion and insight, rarely rivalled for technical mastery.

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Summer Showcase

Group Show

28/11/17 to 21/01/18

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, our Summer Showcase offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery for the next 12 months.

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Ray Haydon

07/11/17 to 26/11/17

Sculptor Ray Haydon creates sinuous linear forms that respond to space, on a monumental and domestic scale, using an extensive variety of materials. Haydon uses the form of sculpture with its multiple vantage points to create his drawings in space. These open networks of linear abstract formations range from colossal outdoor sculptures to intimately scaled works for the interior.

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New Collector Series

Including work from Meighan Ellis, Ray Haydon, Simon Kaan, Alan Ibell, Cruz Jimenez, Karyn Taylor, Jon Tootill, Vaimaila Urale, Kate van der Drift

24/10/17 to 05/11/17

The New Collector Series features an exciting selection of works from a number of Sanderson Contemporary's stable of artists, ranging in value from $150 - $5,000. The exhibition will open with the launch of our new edition of the 20/20 publication, Twenty Artists Twenty Writers, plus an opportunity to meet the artists.

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As When The Guests Depart

Alan Ibell

03/10/17 to 22/10/17

This exhibition forms part of Ibell’s ongoing investigation into the human psyche, exploring various aspects of the self and its relationship to the physical world. Ibell is interested in painting as narrative and uses figuration as a way to convey a poetic or abstract visual experience. ARTISTS TALK - Alan Ibell in discussion with Linda Tyler Saturday 7th October 11am. This event is a part of ARTWEEK 2017

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New Works

Simon Kaan

19/09/17 to 01/10/17

Simon Kaan describes his work as ‘biological landscapes’, animated vistas that piece together a sense of belonging and explore a multi-dimensional sense of self. The images he creates, like the work of the late Ralph Hotere, can be viewed through an allegorical window.

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Josephine Cachemaille, Vaimaila Urale, Paris Kirby, Kate van der Drift, Karyn Taylor, Simon Kaan, Stephen Ellis, Meighan Ellis

29/08/17 to 17/09/17

On view concurrently with Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, this exhibition features works by each of the artist's that will be presented in the Sanderson Contemporary booth. This is an exciting line up, spanning the genres of painting photography and sculpture.

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Paris Kirby

08/08/17 to 27/08/17

Paris Kirby’s practice predominately examines New Zealand native bush, with a focus on its immersive, dramatic and spiritual qualities. Her research draws inspiration from time spent amongst the bush across the country, recreating her experience and devotion to the subject through large-scale, highly-detailed paintings.

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Opposite Shore

Stephen Ellis

25/07/17 to 06/08/17

In his latest body of work, Opposite Shore, Ellis refers to various migrations across the seas, including those of environmental refugees and his own family’s passage from Scotland and Ireland to New Zealand in search of a new home.

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Wendy Kawabata, Liam Gerrard, Brendan McGorry, John Oxborough, Karyn Taylor, Anita Levering, Paris Kirby, Paul Martinson, Stephen Ellis, Damien Kurth, Cruz Jimenez, Harriet Stockman

04/07/17 to 23/07/17

DRAWN is a part of a wider series of curated group exhibitions that focus of a singular mode of creating- using a very broad term as the premise. DRAWN highlights the various ways we consider drawing, as a way of thinking or planning for a finished work or as the finished work itself.

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Damien Kurth

20/06/17 to 02/07/17

In looking at one of Kurth's paintings, you are invited to occupy the psychic space of both artist and viewer, to consider the technical and aesthetic problems of representation while simultaneously viewing their outcome.

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Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Various Artists

13/06/17 to 18/06/17

Each year, the five Auckland Art schools are asked to nominate their top Honours and Masters students for the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award, a non-acquisitional monetary award given to help launch emerging artists into successful careers in the arts. The winning artist will also be invited to mount a solo exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary in 2018.

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Single Channel

PJ Paterson, Kate van der Drift, Wendelien Bakker, Olivia Blyth, Talia Smith, Jude Broughan

23/05/17 to 11/06/17

This exhibition is a part of the Auckland Festival of Photography. It includes a collection of photographic works that each have their own definitive message and conceptual content, but do not scream though colour drenched imagery or desire soaked subject matter for our consideration.

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Ray Haydon and Shintaro Nakahara

02/05/17 to 21/05/17

Reflector positions painter Shintaro Nakahara alongside sculptor Ray Haydon; exhibiting together for the first time, the two artists pose a visual conversation about colour and curve, the control of line, and subtle shine.

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Panem et circenses

PJ Paterson

11/04/17 to 30/04/17

In his latest series of portraits, PJ Paterson’s casts celebrities under the gritty realism of the police mugshot, using found internet images as source imagery.

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