Matariki : Te whakanui I te tau hou

Group Exhibition

07/06/22 to 03/07/22

"As Matariki re-emerges and comes into view it creates a guiding light for everyone in Aotearoa to reflect, and remember our inherent connections to the taiao, to ponder and focus on how each of us will contribute towards a sustainable future for our mokopuna." Bethany Matai Edmunds (Ngati Kuri)

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Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

10/05/22 to 05/06/22

In their exhibition Affection, Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara look to the current season of spring in their first home, Japan. This is a special time of the Sakura or cherry blossom flowering season, one of celebration associated with new beginnings.

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It's All Relative

Karyn Taylor

12/04/22 to 08/05/22

Sanderson are pleased to present a new exhibition of works by Karyn Taylor. In this new exhibition the artist is presenting a large scale multi media installation and a series of new wall based works, some at a scale that has not been seen before.

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Mickey Smith

15/03/22 to 10/04/22

Sanderson are pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Mickey Smith - New Outlook. This new body of work is a continuation of Smith’s ongoing project Volume, which documents bound periodicals and journals in public libraries.

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Paul Martinson

15/02/22 to 13/03/22

Recorded as one of the first birds to begin the extraordinary dawn chorus of Aotearoa - Huia are undeniably one of New Zealand's most iconic and cherished song birds.

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After Party

Natasha Wright

18/01/22 to 13/02/22

Sanderson is pleased to announce a new exhibition of paintings by New Zealand born, New York-based artist Natasha Wright. The show titled, “After Party” presents a snapshot of what really lies behind the scenes.

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Summer Outlook

Multiple Artists

30/11/21 to 16/01/22

Summer Outlook presents new works from our artists offering a glimpse into what our scheduled exhibitions in 2022 will bring.

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Ray Haydon

02/11/21 to 28/11/21

Artist Ray Haydon is known as a master of materials - he effortlessly sculpts fluid forms from the most rigid and unforgiving materials.

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Deep Blue

Freeman White

05/10/21 to 31/10/21

Freeman White is known for his remarkable oil paintings, which capture the beauty of the landscapes and coastline in Aotearoa. In this newest series of work entitled Deep Blue, White brings his signature ability to capture an awe and respect for the beauty and power of nature to a new landscape, Te Waipounamu South Island.

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Light Years

Scott Gardiner

07/09/21 to 03/10/21

When examining the history of Scott Gardiner’s practice it becomes obvious there are certain themes which run through out his oeuvre. Time, temporality and the search for meaning key among them.

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Without End

Teresa HR Lane

07/09/21 to 03/10/21

Teresa HR Lane is interested in rearranging the world, obscuring our gaze with her wry sense of humour and ease at inciting the surreal.

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New Work

Liam Gerrard

10/08/21 to 05/09/21

Liam Gerrard’s latest exhibition offers a contemporary take on the 17th century still life vanitas which served to remind the viewer of the fragility and transcience of life.

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Te Ha o te Marama

Simon Kaan, Wi Taepa

13/07/21 to 08/08/21

Simon Kaan’s work is discernible; contemplative landscapes with split horizon lines, inky washes of colour and reoccurring motifs have become synonymous with his name. Wi Taepa is a master of Maori clay art, with a career spanning over 30 years. Taepa is celebrated for his unique practice - his works are predominantly hand built using coil, slab or pinch pot techniques.

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In The Garden

Katherine Throne

15/06/21 to 11/07/21

Katherine Throne presents a new suite of works illustrating the surrounding gardens near the artist’s home. In the current climate of upheaval, her large canvases of rambling gardens express an undeniable sense of optimism and freedom. Painted in thick layers of oil paint, the rambling roses and tangles of wildflowers seemingly burst off the canvas and into the viewer’s space.

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