A Place To Stand

Natasha Wright

26/01/21 to 15/03/21

Natasha Wright is a New Zealand born artist based in New York. She creates large-scale paintings, which fuse figuration and abstraction. Wright explores ideas of gender, sexuality, power and aggression. Her work critiques the representation of females throughout history alongside contemporary references.

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Summer Solstice

multiple artists

08/12/20 to 25/01/21

Summer Solstice presents an artistic forecast for 2021, offering a glimpse into the exciting programme of exhibitions and events that we have in store for the next 12 months. The gallery’s programme for 2020 includes major new exhibitions from our stable, curated group shows, and exhibitions from guest artists, as well as participation at local and international art fairs. Summer Showcase brings together impressive new pieces from our stable of artists in an uplifting exhibition.

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Ray Haydon

10/11/20 to 06/12/20

Ray Haydon's 2020 exhibition Re-orient coincides with the artist's 70th birthday and his 15th year with Sanderson. This exhibition showcases Haydon's incredible craftmanship and includes both his wall sculptures, indoor/outdoor sculptures and his impressive kinetic work.

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When The Storm Ends

Brendan McGorry

13/10/20 to 08/11/20

When The Storm Ends is Brendan McGorry’s artistic and productive response to New Zealand’s COVID-afflicted lockdown. The suite of works draw on both renowned art historical work as well as Brendan’s own personal history and journey through the pandemic.

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Matters of Time

Mickey Smith

15/09/20 to 11/10/20

In Matters of Time, Mickey Smith’s monumental photographs and wearable objects are pulled together to form a contemplative exhibition reflecting on cultural identity, present and past. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition at Sanderson.

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Future Fiction

Scott Gardiner

11/08/20 to 13/09/20

In 1975, the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi coined the expression “the flow”. Call it “the zone” or “mindfulness”, but essentially it is that moment of total, effortless, immersive concentration and energised joy in an activity. Two groups of people who often speak of this mental state are surfers and artists, with a surprising amount of overlap in communities by the sea. Scott Gardiner, also born in 1975, is a surfer who paints, or a painter who surfs, and the two are inexorably entwined in his love of the sea.

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Cruel Bloom II

Liam Gerrard

14/07/20 to 09/08/20

Liam Gerrard’s drawings lie in continual juxtaposition; ominous and familiar, terrifying but beautiful, wild yet meticulously captured on paper. Gerrard’s ability to both entice and disturb at once has continually informed the artist’s practice.

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Joy Ride

Katherine Throne

16/06/20 to 12/07/20

Katherine Throne’s debut exhibition with Sanderson Joy Ride places the viewer amongst the tangled sweet peas and blooming roses overhanging neighbourhood fences. Painted in thick oil paint, Throne’s flowers burst off the canvas unapologetically encroaching into the viewer’s space

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Jon Tootill

24/03/20 to 14/06/20

In ‘Harakeke’ the title generically covers the different types of native flax and cultivars from the mighty spceimen on the side of the road at Raungaiti Marae on State highway 27 ( whose leaves have recently been harvested ) to the multi coloured cultivars painted by British Artist and Curator Nerys Ann Johnson (1942 - 2001). The colour combinations taken from the Harakeke in different stages of growth and decay are selected by Adobe Capture then arranged in combinations for each artwork.

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