Ascendants by Alan Ibell


Alan Ibell

20 April to 16 May 2021

In Alan Ibell’s new exhibition, the exterior world of landscape and built environment suggests a correlation with the interior worlds of the figures that inhabit it. The looming mountains of the ‘Landscape with Ascendants’ works invoke a sense of agoraphobia while the brick walls of the ‘Home’ paintings impose a contrasting claustrophobia, sensations in which the viewer is invited to share as they occupy the space of the gallery itself.

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Jon Tootill

18/05/21 to 13/06/21

The hero painting for Jon Tootill’s upcoming exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary is a full-spectrum colour study. Piwakawaka (2010-2020) completes a decade-long series that studies the rau, or plumage, of native birds through colour sampling. Tootill’s works act like an index, mapping colours found in nature. He selects colour using Adobe Capture, he processes those samples digitally and arranges them in combinations. Then, he creates delicate watercolours, patient studies that elicit the nuances of nature all over again

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In The Garden

Katherine Throne

15/06/21 to 11/07/21

Katherine Throne presents a new suite of works illustrating the surrounding gardens near the artist’s home. In the current climate of upheaval, her large canvases of rambling gardens express an undeniable sense of optimism and freedom. Painted in thick layers of oil paint, the rambling roses and tangles of wildflowers seemingly burst off the canvas and into the viewer’s space.

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Te Ha o te Marama

Simon Kaan and Wi Taepa

13/07/21 to 08/06/21

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Sweet and Sour by Kate van der Drift

Sweet and Sour

Kate van der Drift

20 April to 16 May 2021

Kate van der Drift's new exhibition Sweet and Sour is a continuation of the artist’s exploration into the fragile ecology and transformation of the Hauraki Plains. .

Upcoming Room 2

Mystery and Reason: A Retrospective

Alan Pearson

18/05/21 to 13/06/21

Mercurial in nature, Alan Pearson had an ability to switch from expressionist representation to abstraction while revealing the underlying spirit and psyche in a person or place. When discovering a new location and needing to understand and establish the resident form, colour and light, he would use the old academic methods; landscape, still life, life drawing and portraiture. That method formed the basis of any artistic narrative he subsequently chose to articulate. Works in this exhibition span forty-six years of his art practice and express, in visual imagery, his search to give reason to life and the land in which we live

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Damien Kurth

15/06/21 to 11/07/21

Representational images such as a teacup or a jar from the studio are initially considered to be straightforwardly understood. Instead, Kurth’s skillful and subtle paintings ask for a moment of pause and consideration – a difficult task within a world that is becoming increasingly visually saturated. In doing so he allows for the objects to unfold their own complex intensities and latent intricacies.

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