Deep Blue by Freeman White

Deep Blue

Freeman White

05 October to 31 October 2021

Freeman White is known for his remarkable oil paintings, which capture the beauty of the landscapes and coastline in Aotearoa. In this newest series of work entitled Deep Blue, White brings his signature ability to capture an awe and respect for the beauty and power of nature to a new landscape, Te Waipounamu South Island.

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Ray Haydon

02/11/21 to 28/11/21

Artist Ray Haydon is known as a master of materials - he effortlessly sculpts fluid forms from the most rigid and unforgiving materials.

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Monotypes by Zara Dolan


Zara Dolan

05 October to 31 October 2021

Dolan’s work presents a dynamic energy - a suspended moment of lively animation. Drawing on abstract expressionist gesture, her mark making is direct and intuitive, mediated only by the application of colour and the printing process. .

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Finished Unfinished

Brendan McGorry

02/11/21 to 28/11/21

Brendan McGorry presents Finished Unfinished, a series of conspicuously and deliberately unfinished works. Building upon his exploration of historical art, McGorry references the famed unfinished works by the Old Masters.

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