Universum Veraendert by Frank Wackerbarth

Universum Veraendert

Frank Wackerbarth

06 May to 25 May 2008

International German artist Frank Wackerbarth is back for his 3rd New Zealand exhibition, ‘Universum Verändert’. Having shown in both Switzerland and Italy earlier in the year, Wackerbarth is pleased to return to the more casual pace of Auckland, which has come to occupy a special place in his heart. Working daily in a local studio, he has produced a series of large-scale aluminium works which are a fusion of his two great loves: science and art. They are simultaneously refined and contemporary and their stunning three dimensional effects make for compelling viewing.

The question of life on earth and how it has evolved also informs his work at a fundamental level.

“The only thing we can be certain of is change, from the earliest point of evolution billions of years ago the earth and universe has been undergoing a constant state of change…in a never ending circle of life and death…” - Frank Wackerbarth, 2008.

Wackerbarth attempts to capture something of the complexity of the process of change and hint at the mystery of the universe in both his subject matter and the process he undertakes. Although he prefers to keep his working process under wraps, it involves incising the surface with barely noticeable revolutions that sweep in every direction, producing out of this world, optical effects. The surfaces of all works change dramatically with motion, light conditions and distance. His transformative process demonstrates such finesse that he is able to convey a sense of the minutiae - change at a molecular level.
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