Inside Out by Stephen  Ellis

Inside Out

Stephen Ellis

10 August to 05 September 2021

Ellis has always posed objects on tabletops to create small worlds for his drawings. 

The pandemic has given the domestic interior and the still life a new emphasis and significance – the world became smaller for all of us.

Ellis took the opportunity of the pandemic to teach himself 3D modelling software, replacing real world modelling techniques. These images are drawn from that process, creating unreal other-worldly objects reflecting pandemic isolations and anxieties; remembered liberties out of reach outside. These almost-familiar things arrive like news from an altered world.

In keeping with Ellis’ environmental concerns, the cloudscapes outside are quoted from the Arctic glacier paintings of William Bradford (1823-1892). Despite the pandemic pause, the planet continues to warm, storms to brew and glaciers to retreat. The clouds that were once emblematic of freedom and lift are now tinged with sadness and threat.

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