When The Storm Ends  by Brendan  McGorry

When The Storm Ends

Brendan McGorry

13 October to 08 November 2020

When The Storm Ends is Brendan McGorry’s artistic and productive response to New Zealand’s COVID-afflicted lockdown. The suite of works draw on both renowned art historical work as well as Brendan’s own personal history and journey through the pandemic. 
The overarching and reoccurring symbol of the exhibition is the rainbow, an inherent symbol of resurrection. McGorry’s works are a hopeful look into a post-COVID world where he hopes humanity can rebuild to be better than before. 
The Resurrection Possible is inspired by a Fra Angelico fresco - The Resurrection - in Florence where the artist spent time while studying in Italy with the New York Studio School. The Resurrection’s discerning themes of rebirth parallel McGorry’s contemporary and personal ideas of regeneration and personal growth through creativity and the artist’s own artistic revival.  
A Little Alone Time, reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s Morning Sun, encapsulates the solitude of home-quarantine. Though, it was in these quiet moments, McGorry found his creative outlet. 
“When the rainbow comes after the covid storm what beauty will we find, and what beauty will we create?” – Brendan McGorry

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