Thoughts of Memory by Cruz Jimenez

Thoughts of Memory

Cruz Jimenez

02 July to 21 July 2019

As the exhibition title suggests, Thoughts of Memory is a deeply reflective show for the artist. Abstract nostalgia from artist Cruz Jimenez’s life in both California and New Zealand is transferred to his canvases in an evocative wash of dripping golds with a more solid memory forming from time to time.

Growing up in California, Jimenez recalls on fragments of his childhood, the magic and excitement of Christmas Eve and the Morning Dew on his grandparents’ gardenias.

This beautifully gestural series of works are awash with both emotion and pigment. While the content is greatly personal to the artist, the canvas invites the viewer to create their own interpretation of the work and leaves space to reflect on their own feelings of nostalgia. 


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