By Definition  by Claudia Dunes, Meighan Ellis, Mish ONeil, Vivian Cooper Smith

By Definition

Claudia Dunes, Meighan Ellis, Mish ONeil, Vivian Cooper Smith

21 May to 10 June 2019

The materiality of our surrounding environment is an ever-changing entity. Architecture develops and adapts as new materials become available. Other forms decay as flaws in materials are found with time. By definition pulls together the work of four different artists who all react to the material world in very distinctive ways. 

Meighan Ellis’ portraits show the sculptural flesh forms paired with naturally occurring rocks highlighting the distinction between both natural forms. Drawing on ideas of the photographer as collector Ellis’ luscious and highly detailed works show a range of ‘objects’ that fulfill the artists drive to collect.Vivian Cooper Smith’s (Australia) works look at the materiality of photography playing with ideas of reproduction and creation. His works show us a representation of the world as we know it in a way that expands our questioning and counters a traditional photographic literal representation.Mish O’Neill’s large format Camera Obscura works are a phenomenal – in a digitally ‘instant’ age of photography her painstaking effort to set up a room -camera and capture the image as a direct reflection of that is incredibly refreshing. O’Neill’s large works allow us to see the architecture and the blurred human-activity around it. Claudia Dunes sculptural works added to this theme of material investigation using cast concrete and invasive weeds. 

IN DISCUSSION Thursday 23rd May 6pm in the gallery Vivian Cooper Smith and Meighan Ellis, all welcome.

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