$ :-) by Eva  Dijkstra

$ :-)

Eva Dijkstra

29 January to 17 February 2019

Eva Dijkstra’s bold and colourful work straddles the junction between painting, sculpture, art and design.

Following in the tradition of minimalist paintings and shaped canvasses, but picking up where her precursors left off. Presenting itself as minimal, or even non-objective, it is only after closer investigation the true work presents itself. 

Each work finds its origins in data. Minimalism and hard-edge abstraction are no longer the subject itself but is recharged with meaning and subjectivity. Dijkstra’s monochrome compositions daringly marry painting and sculpture, while combining concerns of minimalism and hard edge abstraction with data visualisation. 

The exhibition titled $ :-) (money happiness), brings together a number of new works of canvas object composites and shaped monochrome canvas reliefs, all centred around life’s balancing act between Money and Happiness.

In Hawser I, II, III, IV dynamic rope-like forms are carefully draped over an anchor point. Each individual shape visualising a country’s  precarious balancing act between money and happiness. The Convergence series follows the same principle, instead finding the junction where two disparities meet.

Dijkstra’s apparent preference for wedding spectrum extremes; art and data visualisation, high gloss and unprimed acrylic soaked canvasses, flat monochrome surfaces and shaped canvas forms, painting and sculpture, are all visual cues inherent to tension found when juxtaposing 2 seemingly disparate entities.

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