Achromatic  by Ray Haydon


Ray Haydon

06 November to 25 November 2018

Negative space is defined by the solid objects it surrounds. This is one of the physical aspects of Ray Haydon’s sculptural practice that really matters; he is actively “painting” the air with materials to fabricate constructions in space. 

Ray Haydon is known as a master of materials- he seemingly effortlessly sculpts fluid forms from the most rigid and unforgiving materials. Achromatic’ sees Haydon, as the title suggests, focus on recent developments in black and white acrylic finishes to carbon fibre relief sculptures. Each sculpture’s surface is embedded with tiny filaments of glass creating a variance and activation of the work in changing light situations. The suite of works in the exhibition are designed to withstand the elements and can hang in exterior spaces as well as gracing the interior.

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