Here Comes the Sun by Wendy Kawabata

Here Comes the Sun

Wendy Kawabata

21 August to 09 September 2018


Here Comes the Sun is a firm return to painting. The exhibition is a selection of Kawabata's recent investigations into color, light, and textile structure within abstraction. These paintings of polygonal cairns, bucolic settings, and geometric networks, are colorful totems made to empower and charm. Apart from when polygonal cairns are centrally presented, color is not used to describe, rather its presence both suggests and undermines space and form. These cairns serve as trail markers for and personifications of the painter, signposts enabling her to wander a bit but make her way back to the path.

Wendy Kawabata is an artist who has travelled and lived for periods in diverse and far-flung places and is now based in Hawaii. Time spent in each place taking in the life, climate, landscape and culture emerges in unexpected and satisfying ways in her work. Most consistent is the deliberately controlled scale that allows for a practice that is flexible, mobile and ready. While holding on robustly to its integrity Kawabata’s work it is never finite and remains open to the possibility of change and adaptation according to circumstance.

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