Selves by Scott Eady


Scott Eady

21 August to 09 September 2018

Scott Eady’s new exhibition Selves is an exploration of identity both personally and collectively, physically and online.

Eady’s self-identity has largely been constructed through more than 20 years of exhibiting and making art, in particular sculptural works. In this new series of works, Eady reconsiders the self-portrait through the medium of painting - an art form entirely new to him – and thus, an opposition to the ‘self’ the artist has constructed in his former art making years.

Through ‘self searches’ on the internet for reviews, pictures and citations, Eady explained that when individuals of the same name appear “their online selves become a distraction. Doppelgängers by name”.

The nine portraits in this series feature individuals with the same name as the artist, questioning whether our name can identify who we are as individuals or, as the exhibition title suggests – more collectively as ‘selves’.

The portraits in this exhibition embody a new ‘self’ for the artist both in medium and identity and invite the viewer to reflect on their own perception of their identity construct.

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