Looking Eastward to the Sea by Alan Pearson

The Warrior in Noosa, Oil on canvas, 1997

Looking Eastward to the Sea

Alan Pearson

04 September to 23 September 2007

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to present 'Looking Eastward to the Sea', a solo exhibition of recent work from veteran New Zealand expressionist painter Alan Pearson.  

Alan Pearson's profile in New Zealand has risen substantially over the past few years - seeing his works reach record prices in private sales and auctions. Following his hugely successful exhibition of recent paintings in 2006, ‘Looking Eastward to the Sea’ presents a new collection of exceptional and highly individual works, created from his studio in Australia:  

"Pearson built a house and studio in Queensland, Australia in 2002 and divides his time between there and Auckland. This shift proved to be very significant, provoking a renewed vigour in colour and imagery throughout his work. Lush beach and bush scenes sprawl across large canvases. The figure (ever-present) stands, sits and dances. The musicality of nature as perceived by the artist is translated into a kind of dance in paint – the musical potential of a visual medium. Intensely energetic and optimistic, reflective of a man contemplating another chance at life, paintings are celebratory and vivid, as though only just painted and barely dry - as though alive." (From "The Artists: A Snapshot of New Zealand Contemporary Art Practice 2007-2008")  

An artist of huge experience and a long, illustrious career, Pearson has received many awards and fellowships for his art and is represented in major private and museum collections around New Zealand and abroad. An afflicting heart condition has seen Pearson's practice slow of late after a 50 year art career: 'Looking Eastward to the Sea' may therefore represent one of the final opportunities for the New Zealand public to view such a substantial body of new work from this artist.  

Despite his health issues, Pearson continues to demonstrate his considerable technical skill and his remarkable ability to create movement and emotion in each piece, creating a series that imparts his sense of the grandeur in life and the world at large. Set against the sun-bleached colours, shadowed light and mute and volatile movement present in his Australian environs, this recent work leaves behind the moody, angst-ridden imagery of Pearson's work from his time in New Zealand.  

Sanderson Contemporary Art is proud to be a primary dealer for Alan Pearson in New Zealand and to maintain a comprehensive collection of his works in our gallery.
Our collection represents different periods throughout Pearson's life, including works created in both New Zealand and Australia, spanning the 1970s to the present. Please feel free to enquire with us if you are interested in a particular period or series of this artist's work.

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