Soil and Salt by Liam Gerrard

Ophelia, 2017, charcoal on paper, 675mm x 950mm

Soil and Salt

Liam Gerrard

07 March to 26 March 2017

Liam Gerrard’s latest exhibition showcases his exceptional talent for depicting the fantastical and the morbid. Drawing from fable, music, cultural history, natural biology and preternatural curiosities, Gerrard creates a world of his own imagining. With a practice almost obsessively focused in illustration, the artist’s mastery of his medium is profound, with a highly recognizable, distinctive style in charcoal on paper. Gerrard’s use of visual juxtaposition highlights the lyrical absurdity of his imaginings, skeletons playing violins, long haired maidens and bared teeth dogs, interspersed with floral bouquets and violent decay. 

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