The Death of Painting by Brendan  McGorry

The Death of Painting

Brendan McGorry

16 August to 04 September 2016

For this new series of works McGorry cites the pre- Raphaelite period. Taking prime examples of paintings in the era that are etched into our visual memory, McGorry re-works their composition to create contemporary works. This meshing of art historical references and contemporary imagery is a consistent theme in his practice that speaks to a continuity of painting practice.

"McGorry uses our knowledge of art history as a device for social commentary. His work seems to question whether human kind will continue to evolve on a positive course. Have we passed our peak of intellectual growth and are we now devolving? McGorry asks us to consider, on a personal level, our time and place in social evolution. Are we good people? Are we merely aging as opposed to becoming enlightened? In looking at his work, we may be contented to celebrate the history of art and have it echoed back to us, but perhaps we should be wondering if McGorry is asking us “why” as he holds a mirror up to humanity."  Steph Chalmers

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