Writhe by Anita  Levering

Writhe installation, 2016


Anita Levering

26 July to 14 August 2016

In this exhibition Anita Levering attempts to eliminate artistic agency, with a body of work that displays her investigation into intuitive making. The series has a sense of playfulness; Levering’s paintings incite curiosity whilst avoiding the restraints of formalism.
As she allows her compositions to take shape, Levering considers the canvas as a “site for revealing life-forms, whose excursions lay direct traces that document their travels.” What remains on the canvas is a map, an impression of the writhing diary of unbridled liberty. Thus, Levering considers the work as an autonomous visualisation of an invisible idea. Vulnerability, randomness and chance are invited into a process that allows for the unexpected and speculative creation of an ideographic language.
The works are non-representational; a document of intuitive making that references the natural world. 

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