Boxer Rebellion by PJ Paterson

Boxer Rebellion, 2016, video loop on LED display, 860mm x 580mm

Boxer Rebellion

PJ Paterson

28 June to 17 July 2016

Boxer Rebellion is a selection of photographic and moving image works from artist PJ Paterson. The works come together to portray a post apocalyptic reality. As developers look to expand the outer limits of the city to accommodate population growth, inner city living becomes more and more elite. Paterson depicts a scenario where the populace is no longer concerned about the destruction of the earth – instead seeking refuge on another planet. Freeman Dyson Odyssey references the physicist Freeman Dyson who is known for his theory that proposes the human race will need to colonise space in order to survive.Holocene Extinction is also known as the sixth extinction and is the ongoing extinction of species mainly due to human influence, which has occurred since the last ice age.

Paterson displays this post apocalyptic vision through immersive photographic works and subtle and slow moving shifts within his moving image works. Somehow the works still hint at a sense of humanity and a glimmer of hope.

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