Unremarkable Treasures by Scott Eady

Heaven, 2016, Neon, 800mm x 300mm

Unremarkable Treasures

Scott Eady

07 June to 26 June 2016

Unremarkable Treasures is an exhibition that prompts us to explore the transference of things old and new from one owner, connoisseur, archivist or collector to another. This body of new work from Scott Eady draws upon a fundamental concept of producing sculpture through the use of everyday objects and therefore subverting their original meaning.
The sculptural and photographed objects in this exhibition fulfilled their initial function and have become accumulated and disavowed waste products. Having reached their planned obsolescence these Unremarkable Treasures were ready to be added to landfill. Eady’s works elevate the outcasts of consumer society, critiquing their brief purpose by creating another use and meaning for these treasures.

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