Beneath your strawberry flesh by Alex Plumb

Untitled, Three channel video

Beneath your strawberry flesh

Alex Plumb

31 March to 19 April 2015

Winner of the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award in 2014, Alex Plumb’s Beneath your strawberry flesh is an exhibition of new video work made in collaboration with Chris Lorimer. The project is a result of a series of conversations between the artist and Lorimer, a freelance stylist and fashion pr (Ciel PR), about performativity and psychology in relation to film, fashion and the visual arts.

Beneath your strawberry flesh attempts to amplify questions about the psychological interplay between the subjects depicted, the site of performance, and how the work unfolds in interaction with the viewer.

By working in the space between the real and the imagined, the familiar and the unknown, an ambiguous ‘other’ emerges.  Plumb and Lorimer were driven by this sense of ambiguity, allowing for a malleable exchange between the different creative disciplines. By working in theatrical film environment, these videos hope to unravel the very process and psychology of characterisation through moving images – a concern that is key to both film and fashion narratives.

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