Advent 2012 by Group Show

Tracker by Damien Kurth

Advent 2012

Group Show

28 November to 09 February 2013

Featuring exciting new work from our stable of artists, Advent 2012 offers a glimpse of what is in store for the gallery in 2013. 

With more works to be added as they arrive in the gallery.

Including work from:

Andrew Barns-Graham
Josephine Cachemaille
Candi Dentice

Kevin Capon
Ted Dutch
James Ford
Ben Foster
Liam Gerrard
Will Handley
Michael Hawksworth
Ray Haydon
Linda Holloway
Alan Ibell
Cruz Jimenez
Gina Jones
Simon Kaan
Wendy Kawabata
Clare Kim
Damien Kurth
Briar Mark

Paul Martinson
Matt Moriarty
Shintaro Nakahara
Yoshiko Nakahara
Alexandra Odelle
John Oxborough

Kei Park
P J Paterson
Alan Pearson
Martin Selman
Nadine Spalter

Young Sun Han
Tracey Walker


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